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The Lib Dems Are Britain’s Worst Political Party 27 1 2 days ago
The problem with Lib Dem Wrigley continues 230 9 4 days ago
Local Trader calls out Lib Dem Cllr Wrigley's Ego Driven Dictatorship 62 1 3 weeks ago
Cllr Wrigley issues warning about himself as General Election approaches 77 1 Mar 2024
Dawlish Town Casino 104 1 Mar 2024
The Problem with Cllr Wrigley (a.k.a The Cockwood Trump) Continues 104 1 Mar 2024
Dawlish Outdoor Market Survey - Traders Beware of Wrigley and the Lib Dems and their dreadful record in Newton Abbot 90 1 Mar 2024
Tokenistic Town Councillor Surgeries; Every 2 Weeks! 65 1 Feb 2024
Discussion Section - Not Working 190 11 Feb 2024
General Election Year - When Wrigley tells you he and the Lib Dems oppose the Tories DO NOT believe a word of it. 105 3 Feb 2024
BBC Spotlight - Dawlish Councillor Wrigley's dreams of becoming MP for Newton Abbot Constituancy undermined by his own beligerent stance on what he knows is best for Newton Abbot's Queen St 137 3 Feb 2024
Local Rag shamelessly regurgitates Liberal Democrat Spin and Misinformation 129 8 Feb 2024
Number of new social housing lets in Liberal Democrat run Teignbridge hits decade low 23 1 Feb 2024
Judge quashes planning permission for 350 homes at St Bridget Nurseries in Old Rydon Lane 24 1 Feb 2024
'Post Office scandal' added to 'tuition fees' on list of Lib Dem achievements 28 1 Feb 2024
Lawyers raise alarm at struggle to tackle UK local government corruption 29 1 Feb 2024
How I personally fixed the Post Office scandal in just one week, by Rishi Sunak 24 1 Feb 2024
1 Year on from the Damning Ombudsman's Report - Why Trust this Lib Dem Run District Council? 25 1 Feb 2024
Councils lack essential safeguarding to prevent corruption in planning process 31 1 Feb 2024

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