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#1 Serve Devon, Not London


All other parties are run from Westminster, parroting policies created in the corridors of power by party bureaucrats. The attempts of our politicians to transplant Westminster dinner-party policies onto Devon have been an utter failure: ‘Levelling-up’ schemes that just wreck our towns, like the plan to gut the Alexandra Theatre. Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods that cost millions, increase pollution and have to be put back as they were (see Totnes, Paignton, Exeter and now Queen Street NA). Cash pots for boom-and-bust projects like Newton Abbot’s now desolate Market Walk. This is the legacy of LDs and Cons trying to please their party masters, burning through money while our schools and services remain among the most underfunded in the country. Dawlish and our villages get almost NO investment while millions are spent giving Newton Abbot things it doesn’t want. We can have an MP who’s a cheerleader for this mess, or we can try someone new: someone who will demand the things we actually need in return for the taxes we pay.

Liam Mullone FB;



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15 Jun 2024 18:20

I take it then that if Mr Mullone was our MP, he would not go to Westminster and run his constintuancy from his front room and not make his voice heard?


The South Devon Alliance is unsurprisingly based and run from S. Devon, based in Newton Abbot. Liam Mullone if elected as MP would represent us in Westminster. He'll make his voice heard alright if elected or not and he has been doing for 5 years in the District Council and has been a thorn in the side of Wrigley and the illiberal. undemocratic Lib Dems and their Tory allies. No doubt about that continuing if elected to Parliament.

What makes you think he wouldn't attend parliament?

Plaid Cymru, the Scottish Nationalist Party, the DUP all have MPs in Westmister but the parties are run from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, where they're based. Independents are based in their Constituencies but attend parliament in Westminster

'All other parties are run from Westminster' refers to a centralized system that is out of touch with the regions of England and the other nations and specifically the Conservatives, Labour, the Lib Dems and Reform UK too I'd imagine; London-centric parties.

Maybe you were kidding, hard to know online, just trying to help clarify for you and others reading.


It's all on the SDA website, FB pages and You Tube channel. I've written about local politics including the SDA many times on this website. They have been in the press, on the news, etc.

Why not contact the candidate and find out for yourself? Plenty of time to satisfy your curiosity and clear up doubts about any candidate doing their job from their front room as opposed to attending Parliament were they to become our MP and making their voice heard. Or about whatever issue might be of importance to you.


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