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Check out places to stay in Dawlish by visiting our tourist information pages.
Find out about the beaches in Dawlish, the town centre and what's on in the area.

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wait for teignbridge to call for an " emergency immigrant crisis"  and  open a a positon on the council for that.
The Lakes this morning as my Dad used to say " There no such thing as bad weather lad just bad clothing"

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The scheme, funded jointly by the Environment Agency and Teignbridge District Council, cost £12 million and as well as building up the beach at Dawlish Warren, should protect 2,900 homes around the River Exe from flooding. Read more... ...
lib dem  summary,  please feel free to add as i have forgotten the others bin tax - said they were going to scrap if in power-did not. dog walking- 4 dogs at a time fiasco climate change- 35k job for a pen pusher newton says No - Never listen to the people sunday parking- how to ...
Check out places to stay in Dawlish Warren this summer.
Find out more about Dawlish warren, the beach resort and the nature reserve.