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Needless to say the emails were leaked to me as indeed they have been to a number of other Dawlish residents. Technically, as the three District Councillors who have contributed to the trail, have used their own Teignbridge email address's the emails would be the property of Teignbridge and ...
2 hours ago
Indy Scot
Indy Scot
So if 4 plus years of Brexit negotiations fail then we could have many more years of negotiations with the WTO, which their Director General Azevedo claims will be a lenghty and difficult process. In any case politics should be more than solely about brokering trade agreements. We may be one ...

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over 1½ hours ago
Haunt the politians - besides, why would you want to haunt me.
Carl Muff was caught with a small amount of the crack cocaine during a police operation in November last year, five days after he had been given a suspended jail sentence and told it was his last chance. Muff also broke a restraining order in March this year by returning to the home of the ...
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