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9 hours ago
Dawlish Library is pleased to announce that we are hosting a Lego club and Disney card swap every Saturday - we look forward to seeing you!
BOOK NOW! Donation. Dawlish Fairtrade Afternoon Tea & Quiz 3pm - 5pm Wednesday 22nd September Please phone 01626 889038 or 07572 127965 to book your place. Thanks

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It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the UK High levels of an invisible gas which can cause lung cancer have been identified in parts of Devon by health officials. Read more...
Residents immediately responded to their gentle presence Margot Whittaker, the Director of Nursing at the Southern Healthcare group, runs a miniature horse stud and has been taking some of the cute creatures on tour – starting with the Old Rectory in Exeter. She said: “It was the first visit ...
Check out places to stay in Dawlish Warren this summer.
Find out more about Dawlish warren, the beach resort and the nature reserve.