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5 days ago
The cases have gone up because of the large increase in pcr  tests which have been proven to be highly inaccurate at the 45 cycles the nhs use. It is nothing to do with more people moving around the counrty. It is just a casedemic being used by the government to keep us in a state of ...
@ZIGGY .....just a shame they didnt come out clearer.

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Nanook, an 11-year-old Terrier cross, originally arrived at the West Down-based centre just before Covid hit in February 2020. He was adopted but sadly that home was not meant to be and was returned to their care once again in November 2020. He has now trotted off to start a new life with Sharon ...
Dramatic pictures show car hanging over ravine after six-foot fall in Dawlish Dramatic photos show a car hanging over a ravine in Dawlish after it fell six feet. See more... ...
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