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More info: 7pm - Doors open - audience will be able to submit written questions for the candidates. 7.30 - prompt - the hustings will begin . - there will be an introduction of the panel by the chair candidates will be given 3 mins in turn to introduce themselves. each candidate ...
And now it's gone.

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A 28-year-old man bludgeoned to death three pensioners during a bloody killing spree in Exeter – but says he was insane at the time he did it. Their bodies were discovered by police in the days following the attacks. The full horror of the deaths shocked the city and sparked a major police ...
The wildfowl wardens who care for the famous Dawlish black swans fear that one of the two breeding males may be infertile. There had been growing excitement in the town at the sight of the six eggs. In recent years there have been two vicious dog attacks which depleted the number of mating pairs. ...
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