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Check out places to stay in Dawlish by visiting our tourist information pages.
Find out about the beaches in Dawlish, the town centre and what's on in the area.

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yesterday at 13:15
There are click and collect available have just checked this very second.
Childcare has been defined to exclude relatives caring for children in new coronavirus laws following the Dominic Cummings scandal.

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yesterday at 19:21
Any excuse to go looting, burning and destroying businesses.
What we need is for people to behave in a responsible manner and not act in a way that defies all the rules of civilised behaviour. I won't say they're like pigs because even those animals would not wallow in their own filth like this lot do. Are these the same people, I wonder, who are berating the ...
Check out places to stay in Dawlish Warren this summer.
Find out more about Dawlish warren, the beach resort and the nature reserve.