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Minibus Drivers - fancy driving a minibus for your Community? No training, no problem. Need a refresher, we can support. Join our volunteer team supporting Transport in the Community, for the Community. We have a small fleet of vehicles for travelling people around the wonderful area we live. ...
But in August 1990 an armed robber pointed a gun at a woman cashier in a building society office and demanded ‘give me the money.’ Read more...

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Today, Sunday, is the final day covered by the Amber Warning of Extreme Heat and now a third Yellow Warning of thunderstorms has been issued. Read more...
The listed one was replaced a few years ago i stood and watched it being put into place i believe if my memory serves me correctly its composite so it's not affected by salt water.
Check out places to stay in Dawlish Warren this summer.
Find out more about Dawlish warren, the beach resort and the nature reserve.