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yesterday at 14:07
My sentiments exactly how could we possibly be last and a woman from Australia swinging on a pole with a awful voice be ninth it's madness.
Ignorant cyclist putting walkers in danger whilst he cycles along the sea wall between The Warren and Dawlish. On occassion I have confronted those ignorant people who cycle along the sea wall only to be verbally abused and in some cases, if it wasn't for my size, physically assaulted. As long ...

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The rail service between Okehampton and Exeter is due to start next spring; the plan is for the rail link to go all the way to Plymouth via Tavistock, which would make sense as much of the structure is in place, or it could be revived. With the West Country effectively cut off from the rest of the ...
The only way to confirm what has really happened is to record the incidents. This is the only evidence the courts will accept.
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