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Dawlish neighbourhood team are out around Dawlish town centre please feel free to come and have a chat.
@deedoodle, Shame you didn't contact Alison Hernandaze as she would have investigated as it's voting time again she would probably forgo half of  her £80k salary  to place another Bobby on the beat........oh wait !! Didn't she get more money for that already

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A volunteer with the Strand Community Centre, and the whole team behind the Open Daw Centre, have received Civic Awards from Dawlish Town Council. The individual award went to Marie Whitehead for her ‘outstanding service to the community as a volunteer for the Strand Community Centre’. Read ...
The club had applied for £1,000, but councillors agreed to give it double that amount, at the Finance and General Purposes committee meeting on Thursday, April 29. Read more... ...
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