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A few words of inspiration from psychotherapist and life coach Jody Merelle, based in Dawlish: In Dawlish we are exceptionally lucky to have the Shaftesbury theatre right on our doorstep. Read more... ...
Did you know that volunteering is very good for your mental health and helps to combat loneliness? Come and see how you can help us at Strand Community Centre.

Latest News

A Dawlish man living with cystic fibrosis has set himself an ambitious challenge in a bid to help others. The genetic condition causes a range of challenging symptoms, including thick sticky mucus in the lungs, problems with the digestive system and liver blockages. Read more... ...
James O’Reilly named his line Benny after his nickname and sent 98 texts in the space of three days offering users ‘best of both’ meaning heroin and crack cocaine. Read more... ...
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