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2 days ago
I did not think you could make an anonymous complaint to the council.
Replies that you can expect: 1. "It's not a consultation, they've already made their mind up". 2. "Why build all these houses, nobody needs them?". 3. "People keep buying all these new houses that they're always building, but what about the extra traffic they're causing?". 4. "I blame ...

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Please remember that fires and barbecues are not permitted anywhere at Dawlish Warren. There is no access for fire engines without closing the railway line
HMS Prince of Wales has been spotted off the Torbay coast and two Chinooks have been spotted soaring across a perfect blue sky The £3.3billion combat vessel was first seen a few miles off the coast yesterday (June 14) where it sailed past Berry Head. Now, this morning two chinooks have also ...
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