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They say what you want to hear and then act like the three wise monkeys when they get into office, but it's not evil they don't identify, but those people who voted them in - if you get my drift. There needs to be more power for the electorate to oust any elected official(s) who thinks they are ...
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@TalkingShed, Simple, Ross Morton is still doing time, he was on the crime agencies radar, linking him with what is happening now. To round up all those that are charged with these crimes has taken the best part of three years, it was a massive operation as are all operations with crimes of this ...
A man who was at the centre of a 28-hour rooftop standoff with police causing £40,000 worth of damage has appeared in court and admitted two criminal charges Galloway was beamed into the court room via video-link from Langdon mental health hospital in Dawlish in Devon. Read more... ...
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