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Dawlish Town Centre and Beaches

Dawlish Beach

Dawlish Town Beach stretches for over a mile between Langstone Rock and Lea Mount. The beach, a mixture of sand and shingle lying in a secluded bay, is very popular for bathing. Summer temperatures often reach 30 Celsius. Pleasure boat trips around the bay are available during the summer season. Food and drink is available from a kiosk at the beach and near shops.

On top of the sea wall, which holds the winter sea back from invading the town, lies a wide foot path taking you the entire length of the beach to Dawlish Warren The walk along the sea wall is pleasant and scenic with cliffs exposing red rock formed in Precambrian times and eroded over time by the changing sea levels.

Dawlish Town Beach
photo Dogs are permitted along the seashore from the slipway adjacent to the Railway Station until 230 metres before Red Rock at Dawlish Warren.

Know your flags

Dawlish Town Beach Dawlish Town Beach Dawlish Town Beach Dawlish Town Beach

Red and yellow flags

Lifeguarded area: safest place to swim, bodyboard and use inflatables.

Black and white chequered flags

For surfboards, kayaks and other non-powered craft. Never swim or bodyboard here.

Orange windsock

Shows offshore winds or unsafe water conditions - never use an inflatable when the sock is flying.

Red Flag

Danger! Never go in the water when the red flag is up, under any circumstances.


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