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Dawlish Town Centre and Beaches

Coryton Cove Beach


Coryton Cove, formerly known as Gentleman's Cove, is a secluded beach of soft sand with the main railway line behind and high cliffs on the sides.

Rock pools rich with sea life are just to the northeast, and to the southwest there are secret beaches that are only accessible from the sea through tunnels dug in to the cliffs.

There have been many sightings of Dolphins off this beach.

Besides the odd train going by, the beach is very peaceful and is ideal for relaxing or sunbathing. The natural sheltering also allows you to escape to the shade when the temperature gets too hot.


Coryton Cove Beach
The beach faces the early morning sun and stays sun drenched until evening with temperatures rising to 30 Celsius. This is possibly the best beach in the area. There are brightly coloured painted beach huts along the beach for hire.
Beach hut hire is available - contact Forde House on 01626 361101 and 01626 215609.  
photo Dogs are not allowed on the beach between 1st May - 30th Sept  

Know your flags

Dawlish Town Beach Dawlish Town Beach Dawlish Town Beach Dawlish Town Beach

Red and yellow flags

Lifeguarded area: safest place to swim, bodyboard and use inflatables.

Black and white chequered flags

For surfboards, kayaks and other non-powered craft. Never swim or bodyboard here.

Orange windsock

Shows offshore winds or unsafe water conditions - never use an inflatable when the sock is flying.

Red Flag

Danger! Never go in the water when the red flag is up, under any circumstances.


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