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What? Because of big helicopters flying over?

A new, updated design for an accessible footbridge at Dawlish Railway Station has now been revealed. Read more...

The reason why has so few participants these days.

2 days ago

Hahaha! Priceless response Huw!

3 days ago

It's a Merlin. It's not 'a' ZJ118 but it mght be 'the' ZJ118. It's an aircraft reg number basically.

Truss will say anything to get what SHE wants. If you trust what a politician says then there is no hope for you!

From the pictures it looks like a ZJ118 with BERP IV composite blades.

UPDATE: We are working in a constricted space close to the capped gas main and a sewage pipe as we continue build the new sea wall in Dawlish. This means access to King’s Walk promenade and the beach at Colonnade underpass remains closed until further notice to keep everyone safe. We are currently installing the remaining piles for the foundations for the bridge that will link the ...

Dean Rossington, 64, of Langdon Hospital, Dawlish, was remanded in custody until the trial which is listed for August 28. Read more...

Looks like a Westland Merlin, mainly used by the Navy.

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