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Poor Mike timing is evertything,.......wonder how much  Boris antics influenced voting pattern.

I was totally unaware of these changes until someone mentioned them to me. So just in case others are unaware as well........ From 29 January 2022, the new Highway Code with 8 new rules and 49 updates, will become operational. The changes are aimed at providing better protection to users of roads who may be more vulnerable in the event of accidents, such as pedestrians and cyclists. More ...

Rachel Hardy - Lib Dems - 644 votes Mike Stubbs - Con - 486 votes

Okay, so........although Manor Farm at Holcombe was dismissed as a site in the part 2 consultation held last summer having checked again it seems that it has indeed re-emerged (or two separate bits of it) as being potential sites for smaller housing developments. BUT - amongst other reasons put forward by the housing land assessment panel as to why these two plots of land should not be ...

Rachel Hardy easily overcame Charles Stubbs. I wonder if he'll finally take the hint?

@ "ENVIRONMENTALIST?????" Martin Heath After reading your comments have come to the conclusion you really must get out more.

It's the same site. The 5th house is the existing one which would be demolished to make way for it.

2 days ago

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Lynne. As far as I can make out, this concerns the planning application which has already been submitted, albeit for 4 houses but possibly with another one to be squeezed in at a later date. We'll keep an eye on how it progresses, given there is so much local opposition to the development, especially on the grounds of extra traffic.

Just out of curiosity what places does this entrepreneur sell their ill gotten gains in Dawlish! Do you get a guarantee with the electrical goods or a replacement if defective?

Not if Klaus and big pharma's plans going according to schedule, ha,ha.

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