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At the last Dawlish Town Council meeting, held earlier this month, Cllr Gary Taylor (who is also a Teignbridge District Councillor and the portfolio holder for planning) said that he would be updating the town councillors at the next full council meeting (being held in October) about the proposed changes by central government to the English plannning system.

“The number of homes that have to be built annually in Teignbridge could be doubled under changes to planning rules currently included in a national consultation.” To read more click here

Documents related to this Application are available here. You can comment on this application using this form. Reference: 20/01432/FUL Address: Car Park Within Dawlish Countryside Park, Dawlish, Devon Parish: Dawlish Ward: Dawlish North East Proposal: Change of use of area within car park for siting of a concession unit Type: Full ...

Planning permission granted

Just a reminder that the boot fair will be running today - Thursday 17th September at Warren Farm, Dawlish Warren. 1-4pm

NHS Dental appts
2 days ago

I have just had to pay £150 before I have even seen the dentist as a private patient. Seems they are all on the same now.

3 days ago

Looks like she missed a couple of E's for the police  evaporate if called,  Evade- if near the end of shift.

3 days ago

it's full steam ahead for all curtain twichers ou should call the police if you have concerns about people having big parties in your neighbour's house. That's absolutely something you can contact the police on. ... Fundamentally, as we've always done all summer, police will use their 'Four Es' approach: engage with people, explain the rules, encourage them to comply; then, if they don't, ...

Planning application history here; 3 Applications Reference: 18/00574/FUL Address: La Falaise , 9 Old Teignmouth Road, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0NJ Description: New access onto Old Teignmouth Road to serve La Falaise and three dwellings approved under applicati... Reference: 14/03689/FUL Address: La Falaise, 9 Old Teignmouth Road, Dawlish, ...

Happened to walk along Old Teignmouth Road the other day. Lots of, what looks like, excavation work being carried out on this site. Planning permission yet to be granted. Dawlish Town Council have requested that this planning application be decided by TDC planning committee members rather than planning officers.

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