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@deedoodle, Shame you didn't contact Alison Hernandaze as she would have investigated as it's voting time again she would probably forgo half of  her £80k salary  to place another Bobby on the beat........oh wait !! Didn't she get more money for that already

2 days ago

On hold for one hour and 45 minutes to 101, harrasment, alarm and distress by 2 retarded individuals for over 10 years and over 20 reports to police with escalating abuse and intrusions..police action.. not a lot...stopped the criminals NO,NO,NO. Do I think the police locally are doing a reasonable job, No and havent done for many years. They dont even bother to uphold the rules on ...

And yet the country has just experienced its coldest April for 60 years I also remember in 2000 the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia declared that snow would soon be a thing of the past. And yet...

Dawlish neighbourhood team are out around Dawlish town centre please feel free to come and have a chat.

if anyone has information on who these people were, please contact the police because there stealing our jobs

So it's only a hand full of people at DCC who know the climate is changing. Really? I mean like really? And I seem to remember that the Met Office predicted this bank holiday wintry weather some few days back.

3 days ago

The total idiots at Devon County Council who think the planets natural evolution is a climate emergency, are the same bunch of  loonies that think cycling in order to get arouund is progress. We are paying their wages therefore we should have a say as to when they should be sacked. We have the Met office in Exeter and they cant even predict next weeks weather so how do a hand full of snowflakes at ...

A VIGILANTE group was set up in Dawlish nearly 30 years ago threatening to dish out rough justice to vandals and petty criminals. Handbills were pushed through the letterboxes to announce the new ‘service’, but there were no contact details for the group. Read more... ...

I don't think that the election has anything to do with it. Proper regular patrols should be effective. Once the ASB stops, patrols will be assigned elsewhere, and ASB there may come back. It is a continual problem.

5 days ago

Then after the election, you won't see them again, not until the time when the next election comes around.

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