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Resolved that the item be deferred to the next meeting of the Planning Committee to enable further information being received, due shortly.

Agenda item at the town council meeting being held on Weds 6th July Manor Gardens Play Park, and Lawn/Knowle Trail PDF 175 KB Town Council is recommended to consider and approve the recommendation of the Lawn Working Group for the Manor House Play Park, and Lawn / Knowle Trail. Additional documents: Appendix A - Play Park and Trail Presentation , item 16. PDF 43 MB

Great pics BOO HOO thanks for sharing

3 days ago

A few pics taken from my Balcony in Dawlish, bit far away but still identifiable.

Gumtree or E-Bay might be a good place to start. Also details of the actual guitars might be handy rather than just saying one was in a yellow case and one was in a black case!

And a few pics of the cars on The Lawn for the Jubilee a whileago.

Image below needs to be opened in new tab to see whole pic as it is to big to see hms warren and for some reason you cannot scroll!

This planning application is on the agenda again at the upcoming Dawlish Town Council planning committee meeting. It is on the agenda again because the town council has received this letter from Teignbridge District Council' s planning department. From: Anna Holloway Sent: 15 June 2022 14:22 To: TownClerk Subject: 22/00148/MAJ Gatehouse Farm Dear Mr McKenzie I write with regards to ...

On Saturday, a cavalcade of classic American and Canadian cars will set off from Cofton at 10am, cruising through Dawlish to The Lawn at Dawlish Warren , where members of the public can soak up the sights and sounds of America’s mighty muscle cars, completely free. See more...

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