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The Chair of the Council, Cllr Clarence of Shaldon is disappointed that Councillors were not allowed back in the building.


Leader of ther Council, Lib Dem Dawlish NE Councillor refers to protocol that is not yet finalised.


There is already a Code of Conduct, based on the Nolan Principles. Neither the Chair, nor the Leader seem to show any regard toward Council staff and their wellbeing or indeed any responsibility for the disgraceful behavoir of their co-Councillors. They're just concerned with gaining access to workers who clearly do not feel safe in their workplace.


Councillors should know not to antagonise staff and should under no circumstances use personal barbs and reducing straff to tears.

What the hell is wrong with them?

Is this what you voted for? A bunch of bullies?


Members of the public reading this article should contact Teignbridge District Council requesting information regarding which Councillors have been involved in incidents of threats, bullying and intimidation. Then the electorate can decide what action they wish to take.


What does Wrigley mean by  'bad blood' and 'smooth over'?

Are these Cllrs fit to serve?

It's similar to when Lib Dem Gary Taylor assaulted an opposition Councillor, Wrigley smoothed that over by fabricating a covid tall tale.


What a disgrace these Lib Dems are, I'm sure we'll be reading about them in Private Eye;s Rotten Borough section again soon.


If you have any sense and a moral compass don't vote for Wrigley in the General election, he's actually worse than Anne-Marie Morris.


If you're still planning on voting Lib Dem, then why? Unless you are totally ingnorant and don't take an interest in the news and politics and just think they're better than the Tories then I really don't get it. Or is yellow your favourite colour?

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05 May 2024 15:37


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