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CONSERVATIVES used to be about supporting small business, protecting our ancient landscapes and standing up for individual freedoms – yet for the past eight years our MP has done no such thing, with a voting record that’s often eccentric and consistently hostile to the common interest.


LIB DEMS should be concerned with increasing transparency, helping the less fortunate and enabling communities, but instead they have alienated most of Teignmouth by forcing through the hated Exeter Road development, and most of Newton Abbot with their autocratic imposition of the Queen Street LTN. They have presided over a chaotic local council where the civil servants feel threatened and refuse to work alongside them.


Both parties have wasted millions while poverty increases and small businesses shrivel and close.


The South Devon Alliance

We are an alliance of free thinking, independent councillors and passionate residents, who believe that our council/s should be working exclusively in the best interests of the residents and not for the benefit of Political Parties, Developers, Consultants or The Council PLC.


4th July - A day for Independents

VOTE Liam Liam Mullone:Your Newton Abbot Candidate




From the SDA website;


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