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On Wednesday evening Dawlish Town Council will co-opt one of three candidates to fill the vacant Councillor position in the Dawlish SW ward;

Patrick Hackett, Scott Williams and Gary Taylor.

See page 8 onwards in the agenda if you're actually interested.

Lib dem Gary Taylor was not elected last year because of his disgraceful misconduct one would hope, does Dawlish really want him back?

Will the Lib Dem majority opt for Wrigley's loyal lap-dog?


If you'd forgotten or were blissfully unaware, Taylor assaulted an opposition Cllr in Teignbridge District Council in 2020, because that Cllr (Liam Mullone, now SDA) was exposing  some very dodgy dealings in Taylor's Plannning dept. Taylor is still a District Cllr and he is still the Executive Member for Planning on this dysfunctional Lib dem run Council.

He should have been removed from the Council and the Lib Dem party. It was referred to Lib Dem party Leader Ed Davey, who unsurprising did f-all.

The You Tube video is below, just in case you had forgotten or were interested in what passes for 'local democracy'.

This all took place in July 2020, back in the good old covid days.

Council Leader Wrigely concocted a story afterwards claiming Taylor had 'intervened' to stop Cllr Mullone spitting - Wrigley has a habit of being a lying git as many of us already know and many more are finding out.

Taylor get's 'hands-on' around 4 minutes in.

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