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One person said: "This isn't democracy but just a dressed up form of dictatorship.


This is the first staged walkout in the history of Teignbridge District Council. It's a disgrace that it has to come to this.

It has all occurred under a Liberal Democrat majority and under the leadership of Dawlish NE Councillor Martin Wrigley.


Please remember this when it comes the General Election on July 4th, Wrigley is standing to become our MP.

His toxic Council ignores amd marginalizes any opposition voices, that's 21 Cllrs out of 47. He's illiberal and undemocratic.

In fact throw his propagandist leaflets back in his face and don't fall for his lies and misinformation.

He is a disgrace.


Cllr Richard Daws Leader of the opposition, the South Devon Alliance commented on his social media;

"After the SAVE QUEEN STREET demo yesterday we staged a walk out with all the opposition parties at TDC. As I understand it the first in the history of the council, as the Lib Dem’s treats the council as a dictatorship and has appointed its own cllrs to all positions of power. Completely against the best practice imparted to the council recently after an external review."



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