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This is very relevant for the Dawlish area, take a look what do you think? SDA represent an alternative to the Lib Dem-Tory norm that just isn't working/

#2 Stop Over-Development



From the SDA Website

Westminster's National Planning Policy Framework uses an equation to work out how many houses we need. It takes no account of our protected coast or moors, and it forces development on cherished green spaces, rewards bad practice in housebuilding and is smashing Teignmouth and Dawlish into one another. It is ruining the character of our towns and villages while throwing up new estates of unaffordable executive houses rather than the starter homes and social housing we actually need. For years South West Water has failed to keep up with this urban sprawl, preferring to 'deliver shareholder value' and being allowed by Lib Dem and Conservative authorities to pollute, poison and patronise us . The result is the increasing degradation of our county. Influx from other parts of the UK is distorting prices. Houses need to be built to meet only LOCAL demand, with a local tie provision that makes mew houses available to people who grew up here FIRST. Demand could then be properly met with brownfield sites. We must rewrite planning law so we build houses for the benefit of local people, not national housebuilding cartels.


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