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yet another poll predicting a Labour win. For evey poll Wrigley and his Lib Dem fan club produce there are plenty more predicting a Labour win or Tory hold. None include the South Devon Alliance. They do put 'Other' referring to all parties at around 1%.


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If the turnout is around 72% that's is 54000 plus voters. 1% would be a paltry  540 voters shared between the SDA, heritage and Volt. The South Devon Alliance will get far more votes than this. In local elections last year they had 13000 votes in the wards they stood in. General elections are different sure, but c'mon would you bet against them having a significant impact in our Constituency? Really?

None of the polls reflect local factors. In fact if you read the polling websites in detail they state that they do not take into account 'local factors' . they rely on national polling, not necessarily polls taken on the streets of Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton abbot, Kingsteignton and the villages.

Don't believe the hype and don't believe the spin.

As @Dil pointed out on the other thread it is possible that many will vote tactically in favour of Anne Marie Morris to prevent Lib Dem Wrigley becoming MP.

That tells us national polling trends aren't applicable here. Many of us want Morris out, but view the Lib dems as U-Turners and Tory collaborators in the 2010-15 coalition, just another Tory-lite. We hate the fact Ed Davey calls for so many other politicians to resign, morally philosophizing while pretending his role in the Post Office Scandal didn't happen. Then we have Wrigley, Leader of his dictatorial. control freakish Lib Dem run District Council that is widely known as a Rotten Borough, ignoring the needs of local people and marginalising opposition voices. The Labour candidate is 21, but represents a party that is now centre-righ, a resurrection of Blair's new Labour that welcomes right-wing Tory defectors. 

These three parties just repesent different tones and textures of the same old pro-corporate, pro-established, end of capitalism turd. Therefore there is no real choice or any difference between them. There is no bloody tactical vote, it just all boils down to personality and whether voters believe the spin, lies, emtpy promises and misinformation. that's what politics has been relegated to in 'Great' Britain.

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