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Liam Mullone You candidate for MP - Newton Abbot Constituancy 


Nothing will change if you vote for a politician - So DON'T


I’m Liam Mullone. I’m a neuro-divergent married dad of three and I’ve been a gravedigger, a bin man, a journalist on the Times newspaper, a motor trader and a stand-up comedian. In 2018 I founded Newton Says No to fight overdevelopment, and later this became the South Devon Alliance - now the second-biggest party in the area and the clear winner in Newton Abbot in the 2023 District Elections. We have seats at Town, District and County. A seat in Parliament would mean REAL change. And we need it! The Liberal Democrats have been so illiberal and undemocratic that council officers locked down Forde House to keep them out. The ‘pro-business’ Conservatives have stuffed our shopkeepers and Labour aren’t putting up a fight here. The South Devon Alliance has three priorities, and pursuing them has made us a lot of powerful enemies. We've been subject to threats, intimidation and even physical assault in the council chamber.Yet our support flourishes, not because we're good at politics but because we genuinely dislike all politics, pomp and pretension.




Our 3 Priorities

#1 Serve Devon, Not London

#2 Stop Over development

#3 End Corruption


Read more about the 3 priorities here;




This is not a general election where the result is in doubt. Although they won’t make any impact here, nationally Labour will win. Pollsters are predicting a victory bigger than the ‘97 Blair landslide. Our next government is a done deal, which in some ways in liberating. You won’t be voting for a PM, just for the person who will best represent YOU. You don’t have to hedge your bets. You don’t have to vote ‘tactically’. And you don’t have to believe the nonsense that voting for THIS person really helps THAT person. This time you get to vote with your heart, not just your head. So consider someone who wants to fight for our home, and make sure Westminster serves Devon for once.

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