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I saw very little wrong with his handling of someone who shouldn't have been there in the first place. A person was defending a space against another person, the man against a woman statement is nothing to do with it. Also how is anyone supposed to know these days who is genuine or not, does he wait until someone has been stabbed by an infiltrator at which time everyone would be shouting why did ...

Exactly, I hope they don't use local funds to attempt to stop the wall, if they are truly acting in the interests of the town then spend the money and efforts in clearing the seawall, THAT is what is going to stop visitors to Dawlish. Having walked it today from the Warren to Dawlish it was so uncomfortable with all the stones laying. The walkway should be clear and having witnessed wheelchair ...

24 May 2019

Well there's a surprise, why do they seem to think they know better than anyone else, good job they are not in government would not be worth giving us a vote for anything as they would still do what they wanted! Would save money though on specialist consultants to advise on sea walls as they obviously know more about sea walls than those who do it for a living. Hopefully they'll be able to present ...

I thought he was just referring to the number of temporary road work traffic lights we had to endure yesterday

Yes and don't let the Lib Dems off, their only difference was that their leader was blatantly going to stop the will of the people, he wasn't even going to bother disguising it amongst many long meetings!! I'm sure there must be something more appropriate for the Dem to stand for! Never gonna get my vote

@S read it again, it's how it's distributed I am refering to and the various nuances that certain countries have which should not be able to be applied when splitting funding. I assume the area you work in doesn't come across the same issues as my place of work does on a daily basis!

25 Mar 2019

Just to give a bit of substance to an earlier comment which for me is a real concern regarding being in the EU and not on a level playing field. The funding received in the UK for joint projects with other EU members does not end up with everyone getting an equal share of the pie. For example you have a french citizen and a british citizen both working on the same project both spending a day out ...

I would agree with Cassandra to be careful, I have been working from home today and had no problems at all with all my Talktalk systems

Move to Dawlish
17 Jan 2019

I commute 6.45am and am in exeter on average within 25/30 mins, leaving Exeter around 4pm to come home with a similar sort of return journey time. You obviously have the odd hold up, break down etc. but doesn't everywhere. Certainly  not enough to make me question travelling to work in Exeter in fact I lived around 3 miles to the east of Exeter afew years ago and that took me a similar length of ...

Yes, checking out DevonLive and it's looking like a good day for the town!