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Latest trial on the strand perhaps?

08 Aug 2020 20:50

Walking through the town this evening and along the strand on the pavement opposite the shops and found ourselves having to walk out into the road to avoid the 2 taxis which were parked on the pavement. Pure laziness as there were parking spaces and loading bay available. Since when have aaztec taxis white mercedes estate car and blue peugeot rifter been given such special dispensation! Yes I do have photos but can't seem to be able to upload, no one was in the first car and the person in the second didn't wish to answer when I tried to explain that I didn't believe it was a taxi rank. 

08 Aug 2020 21:04

A few weeks ago when there were road works outside BetFred and traffic was backed up right along The Strand, I saw a taxi drive along the footpath in the Lawn and rejoin The Strand at the ramp by the Co-op.  Taxi drivers do what they like in Dawlish.

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