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Cooking with Tallyrand

Hi Maud recipes for requested dishes have been emailed :-) That coffee bill is mounting up, I might have to charge your daughter's account when she gets here! ;-) xox

Hi Ruth -  pyaz tamatar ka raita, certainly is Indian :-)

Oh trust me, just as messy :-) A flake is something you will have to look out for at that International Food Market you mentioned in your email :-) This link will take you to an advert from the 80's, the ads have almost a cult status over here. The same music being used almost from the start of the 70's I think

RECIPE - pasty
2 Aug 2012

@Indy Ruth - i have started a new article about the facts and fiction in regards to the pasty, that will answer the above and all the other questions you might have :-)

The Feast of Plassey
25 Jul 2012

@neilh - nice one! that is brilliant :-) A man after my own heart, I love food related literature ..... Poems and fictional novels. As to history, I devour anything ancient, as in Egyptology, Crusades and Asia (great tv document last night on Tutenkamen) And as you say, when the three collide, all the better. But any mix of the three suits me. I completed a great degree of research ...

Access to Recipes
29 Jun 2012

PS - I hope you will pass the news along, and encourage friends to sign up too (=[;-)

29 Jun 2012

Hi Clarabella thanks for the words of support. I'm working hard with the webmaster to get this up & running. He has already added a comment feature, where you can add comments, leave feedback etc to each recipe I post. So any other ideas for this area would be greatly appreciated. I won't answer your question here, but  I will shortly post a complete new article amongst my recipe area ...

Cake baking made easy
29 Jun 2012

On the train the other day, I overheard some mothers discussing the fact they had to provide a cake for a school fete. They discussed fresh or packet or should they just buy a pre-made one? How baking was enjoyable but the cleaning wasn't, having to drag the mixer out, how complicated the recipes always were etc etc I apologise for eavesdropping, but I hope they are readers. Because ...

Skirt & shin, ahhhh both great cuts of beef, so full of flavour. Both long forgotten by many, especially the professional industry where they seem to concentrate on the tender cuts (for faster cooking) As for S&K pudding or pie, beef cobbler and massaman curry .... now your talking!! and don't get me started on braised oxtail (he says drooling) I will have post my recipes for them all, later in ...

26 Jun 2012

Hi Brazilnut welcome aboard! :-D works for me :-) but my late mum always used mince as it was cheapest (being of the war rationing age) (=[:-D