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Hi Maud recipes for requested dishes have been emailed :-) That coffee bill is mounting up, I might have to charge your daughter's account when she gets here! ;-) xox

Maud Evans
Maud Evans
21 Nov 2012

Help, I can't remember how to make your gravy and I want to learn to make homemade mayonaise, so I can make homemade coleslaw dressing.... if you don't help, I may be forced to buy a packet gravy.........  miss you x

Hi Ruth -  pyaz tamatar ka raita, certainly is Indian :-)

Oh trust me, just as messy :-) A flake is something you will have to look out for at that International Food Market you mentioned in your email :-) This link will take you to an advert from the 80's, the ads have almost a cult status over here. The same music being used almost from the start of the 70's I think

@Indy Ruth - i have started a new article about the facts and fiction in regards to the pasty, that will answer the above and all the other questions you might have :-)

Is this Indian?

Sounds less messy than our S'mores!  Is a "chocolate flake" a square of chocolate - like from a chocolate candy bar?

I got my pasty recipe from an Australian and it included turnips and carrots as well.  Is that unusual?  It's a great hand-held pie and can be made either small (3" rounds) for an appetizer or large (6" rounds) for a main course.  May have to bake up a batch this weekend - this has made my mouth water!

Thanks!  We'll be looking forward to them!

This sounds terrific and easy!  Can't wait to try it with my 2-year old grandson!  Thanks for posting!