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RECIPE BBQ - AA recipe article


in the summertime, (if) the weather is fine ...........

if like me you love bbq's, but also like me you want more than a charred sausage, chewy steak and coleslaw. then you will love this section. It will give you links to any and all the recipes and ideas I post up that will hopefully make your summer cuisine a lot more enjoyable 

I personally love a good bbq, a real bbq without a gas bottle insight. BBQ for me is about charcoal, its about wood burning and the flavours that these impart into the food. If you must use gas however, following just a few simple ideas and tips can transform your food to a whole new level.

And iof the weather is too chilly or wet but you still fancy "bbq" most of the recipes are easily transferable to an indoor oven or stove with a griddle pan

bbq recipe - corn cobs, mexican spiced
bbq recipe - corn cobs, on the husk
bbq recipe - doner kebabs
bbq recipe - stuffed mackeral with gooseberries
bbq recipe - chicken, tandoori styled
bbq recipe - hanger steak
bbq recipe - best burgers?
bbq recipe - sauce, riata
bbq recipe - sauce, cooked bbq
bbq recipe - sauce, chimmichurri
bbq recipe - bbq'd ice cream cone

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