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RECIPE BBQ - bbq'd ice cream cone


want a dessert with a difference? this one is just amazingly different, its gooey, rich and delicious and sure to be a hit when you bring it out at your next bbq or take it along to the next one you are invited to. No refigeration required, quick and easy to prepare and can also be taken to te beach and cooked on a portable bbq

trust me though, you want the small cones for this one, as you will not be able to finish a large cone, they are just too rich and packed full of sugar. It was a favourite of my kids in NZ, and is a take on the classic US camping dish 'smores'

I have not put any amounts in the recipe as I will leave it up to you

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waffle ice cream cone   sq
peanut butter   sq
banana   sq
chocolate flake    sq
marshmallows    sq


  1. smear the inside of the cone with peanut butter 
  2. place some mashed banana in the bottom 
  3. secure the flake into the banana (you may need to bite the end off the flake to make it fit, but, hey we all have to make sacrifices ;-)
  4. surround with marshmallows, and more banana
  5. wrap in tinfoil
  6. place onto the cooler part of the bbq and turn every minute for 5 minutes, after this time the marshmallows and flake should have melted, the banana warmed through and the cone really crispened up
  7. unwrap and serve 

chef notes

needless to say from this basic idea, you can add many other items of your choice, such as coconut threads, chocolate chips etc 


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bbq recipe - bbq'd ice cream cone

Indy Ruth
Indy Ruth
01 Aug 2012 19:31

Sounds less messy than our S'mores!  Is a "chocolate flake" a square of chocolate - like from a chocolate candy bar? 

02 Aug 2012 01:01

Oh trust me, just as messy :-)

A flake is something you will have to look out for at that International Food Market you mentioned in your email :-) 

This link will take you to an advert from the 80's, the ads have almost a cult status over here. The same music being used almost from the start of the 70's I think



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