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Cooking with Tallyrand

Welcome to my kitchen ......

22 Jun 2012 10:14


Welcome to my kitchen! 

A new section for those with culinary aspirations; an agony aunt of culinary conundrums if you will. 


Need to know what to do with those excess fruits in the garden? Want a recipe for special occasion? Having problems with your gravy? Tired of trying to Google them and not finding what you want? Your prayers have finally been answered. Post your culinary cunundrum here and have it personally answered byTallyrand, a professional Chef with over 30 years experience worldwide


This is not a live blog, but every evening I will come online and answer as many as I can within the hour, with recipe requests emailed out in PDF format if you wish. I will also post some of my favourite recipes and seasonal recipes online, as I get used to the software here at


Happy Cooking - Tallyrand

23 Jun 2012 14:48

Looks interesting cheftallyrand. The recipes would look good with photos.

Do you have any vegetarian recipes for us vegies?

23 Jun 2012 16:08

Hi Ziggy

many thanks for the comments. Photo's would make the area more colourful and interesting I agree, unfortunatley I am hoping to make this section of a fairly interactive area. Supplying recipes and ideas requested by the readers, so while I have 1000's and 1000's of recipes I have collected from all over the world (all personally tried and tested by myself) I do not have photos of each to accompany them. 

I will post pics from time to time though of my competition work, or dishes cooked in the trade that i had photos taken of or of the many margerine sculptures or ice carvings 


I am also hoping to make this a culinary agony aunt area, answering questions readers have about anything to do with the culinary arts from problems with recipes, to explaining kitchen techniques or even about life as a professional chef 


As for vegetarian recipes, there is a vegetarian option for the soup recipe already posted (I have just revised it) and indeed I have many recipes that may suit you. Are you simply a non meat eater, or are you ovo vegetarian, lacto, pesco etc or a full vegan? 



23 Jun 2012 17:08

Hi cheftallyrand

I am a vegetarian but eat fish occasionaly. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

24 Jun 2012 00:59

Duelly noted, and some recipes already posted (=|:-D

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