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Anne Marie Morris re-elected with an even bigger majority than 2015 common sense prevails in our area at least

8 Jun 2017

Typical name calling from the Lab/Libtards really thats all they are fit for yellow bellied, run away and hide, part time protestors who believe holding candle lit vigils will save them from organized and well financed terrorism. They live a deluded life by failing to accept reality and hiding from the truth. Strange thing is they think the people facing real life are scared and effected by their ...

8 Jun 2017

@From The Grave Hope you got your Teddy ready to hug tommorrow or maybe you prefere lighting candles and defending the terrorists who are intent on slaughtering our children and destroying our democratic way of life. If you Lab/Libtards get wiped out in this election perhaps you should consider finding somewhere else to live, as the nasty people from the nasty party with a mandate to make this ...

8 Jun 2017

Hope all voters understand the consequences of voting for the Libtards, Labour, SNP, Greens amonst others. You will opening the doors to the islamification of the country due to their open door policies. The security of the UK will be placed in the hands of Brussels bureaucrates resulting in unreverseable reductions to our armed forces, MI5/6, Border Control, and police. Crime rates will rocket ...

His connection to Exeter University says it all, just another Corbyn supportor or Libtard with no confidence that the UK as one of the top five world ecconomies can survive without the EU. Pussy!!!!!!

The turn out at voting time says it all about how the people of Dawlish feel about politics I believe the last vote won by councillor Clatworthy turned out to be from only 39% of the population. I dont see how anybody could even count that as a victory really

Its a great place to live and is even better for retirement providing your quite fit and healthy. Down sides would be infrastructure or seeming lack of it transport can be a bit hit and miss at times as there's only one road in and out. Buses are regular at 30 min intervals. Getting a doctors appointment can be a joke and is only going to get worse as we have become the dumping ground for ...

We had an ex Labour candidate as leader of Dawlish Town Council after being elected as an Independant. If your into politics how can you be independant when they all pee in the same pot. They only stand for election to satisfy self interest.

Graham Price
19 May 2017

Why whats he done chaps. I presume you mean from the council

Illegal Parking
19 May 2017

The same vigilante brigade will be the same people that moan about the lack of shops and facilities etc in town. What do they expect the shop keeper to do to unload his van, park up Bartons and carry the stuff down on his back so some scum bag can rob him and spray acid in his face. If TDC hadnt surrounded the entire town in double yellow lines and stupid cycle paths that apparently you cant stop ...

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