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12 Jan 2018

Leatash's kind of system was adopted in parts of Germany years ago and not only plastic but most of the packaging. People would take their supermarket shopping out to the car park in the trolley, and in their car they would have re-usable containers like cake tins. They would remove all but the essential packaging and leave it behind in the trolley for the supermarket to deal with.  I believe the ...

Dawlish Taxi's
18 Dec 2017

Magic @ magic the hand car wash - Shutterton can do airport runs call in to discuss

After previous discussions relating to the lawn and several FOI requests. Has anyone yet seen written evidence showing TDCs ownership of this piece of land. Appreciate that they may have a duty to maintain the lawn using council funds but thats not in question. Do they actually own the land?

Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

What an absolute load of PC crap being blown up out of all proportion. This is supposed to be a country of free speech but it seems everytime this freedom of expression is used some arsehole in the background mutters racist. Get a grip people. We should be supporting our elected MP not agreeing with the idiots in westminster that dont give a shit about anyone or anything outside of London and the ...

The ideal place for a park is surerly down the Warren, not in the middle of the town centre. These never ending campaigns by various groups to ruin the lawn need to cease. The lawn is for the use of ALL the people of Dawlish and its visitors and not just individual groups of people with specific self interested needs. A really special park could be built on he Warren, safe from traffic, noise ...

and this is how TDC spend our money. How will they hide such a payment on the official accounts which should be made available to public scrutiny. Time for the rest of the senior management team to follow Bulbeck and leave

Take a look at the areas with the red dots on the UK map. Great following the Labour party has - sponging students, drug dealing benifit blaggers and muslim communities whoes women are also on benifits because they arent allowed to work. Not forgetting the 51% of Welsh voters who either forgot what day it was or just couldnt be bothered to go to the poll because the mines are shut Wonder whoes ...

9 Jun 2017

Anne Marie Morris re-elected with an even bigger majority than 2015 common sense prevails in our area at least

8 Jun 2017

Typical name calling from the Lab/Libtards really thats all they are fit for yellow bellied, run away and hide, part time protestors who believe holding candle lit vigils will save them from organized and well financed terrorism. They live a deluded life by failing to accept reality and hiding from the truth. Strange thing is they think the people facing real life are scared and effected by their ...

8 Jun 2017

@From The Grave Hope you got your Teddy ready to hug tommorrow or maybe you prefere lighting candles and defending the terrorists who are intent on slaughtering our children and destroying our democratic way of life. If you Lab/Libtards get wiped out in this election perhaps you should consider finding somewhere else to live, as the nasty people from the nasty party with a mandate to make this ...

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