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At a guess I would say DCC just dont want to set a presedence for fear of being inundated by similar requests.

Can somebody supply Carer with an isolation tent then he wont have to risk being part of the human race anymore. What a dribble this non-human is

"Teignbridge scam park".   They know they are going to build houses on it eventually

Gays creamery
23 Jul 2021

@burnside Your right on both counts the vaccines dont work simply because people have been miss-led into believing they are now immune from catching or passing on the virus by a corrupt government controlled media, and yes the money spend on the vaccines and the ppe has been wasted. Also it never has been just about a virus the virus itself is nothing more than a flu derivative that just ...

22 Jul 2021

Bloody holiday makers 18 months we have gone with very little if any of this covid shit, and now the holiday parks have been allowed to open we are going to be riddled with it. hope Torbay and Exeter hospitals are ready for it

!000 Local people currently living in Bristol and Birmingham who cant afford to buy and cant rent without housing and council tax benifits. How about building some high cost luxury homes for London business owners looking for a move from the city. You know the ones that bring more to the community than fartherless kids, like investment money employment oppertunities and much more.  Just a ...

Nicely designed attempt to hide the enterance and true identity of Langdon hospital/prison from potential new house buyers. Wasent the original planning concept for this site that the Butler unit had to be retained and coverted into a community faciity with preferance towards a care home. The proposed home would definatly be an asset to the town whillst he rest of the proposed new build wood huts ...

To the pair of total cockwombles stood on the grass verge at St Mary's cottages pointing a speed gun at motorists. Are you aware that if you cause an accident by distracting drivers with your stupid vigilante activity you will be held personally responsible. How do you consider you are aiding the community by reporting your fellow locals to the police for minding their own business and just ...

Will the selling agents of the Langdon site tell their clients the truth about Langdon Hospital actually being a prison for some of the worst convicted mentally ill psychopaths in the country.

26 May 2021

This whole wooden hut building scheme, plan call it what you want urgently needs to go before public scrutiny. Why does Dawlish need another 1000 houses are we experienceing some kind of sudden baby boom. Having just been told I have to wait two weeks to speak with my GP, and then another four for a blood test appointment surely infrastructure needs to be the priority for any council. Two ...