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and the tax payer will bear the extra costs whille the incompetents at Network rail and Teignbridge council carry on regardless. Time for heads to roll contracts removed and the whole job researched, re-planned and re-budgeted by civil engineering construction experts not cowboy companies, and pen pushers.

How many new build affordable houses can you build on a bowling green ?

Anne Marie Morris retains her seat for the Conservatives so now would be a good time to get the snowflakes back out of Teignbridge council lets have a vote of no confidence in the losers

Police Spending
9 Dec 2019

The £85,000 per year salery for her role as police commissioner is probably not her only income sorce as the job obviously comes with additional benifits. What about her pension and golden handshake payment when she leaves the post. Pretty shure the police authority would benifit financially without her.

Just spotted something very interesting on the Met office web site. Its a pie chart showing the breakdown of the biggest greehouse gas generators which is directly a main cause of global warming and climate change. So relating it to the industry im involved in and it shows Electric cars and the increasing promotion of them is nothing but a giant con. The biggest air polluter is the generation of ...

6 Dec 2019

@Masonic Bodge If the house you lived in before migrating to the UK was far superior, therefore one would assume your standard of living was also. So why did you and your parents come here. Burnside I dont think is refering to migrants arriving here with financial stability and the means to buy property and run businesses. He means the thousands queuing at the French ports with nothing awaiting ...

4 Dec 2019

This is what you will get if you vote Labour next week as for voting LibDem well grow up been there before they couldnt organize a piss up in the Lansdowne.

When I started work in the 70s I paid national insurance on the basis that I could retire at 65 and recieve my state pension providing I had a full 35 year stamp contribution. Iam now being informed that i will have to wait till 67 to claim my state pension. In effect like PPI I was missold my pension rights and should be able to claim compensation and interest on the extra two years money. ...

No Brexit or Ukip candidates standing so same old same old for Newton Abbot then. What a useless bunch of individuals make up that list. Would love a read of the Renew party manifesto as I could do with a good laugh at the minute, as for the rest of them I think we have heard all their bullsh*t many times before. Just a bunch of noses in the trough liars that will stoop to any lows in order to get ...

If you are white, heterosexual, christian in religion, british born and bred following several generations, non dependant on drugs, booze or benifits, own your home or business, dont belong to a gang and have managed to avoid prision or bankrupcy, then the UK is not the place for you anymore so why bother to vote. No matter which party form the next government if your as above you will become a ...