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There needs to be a public enquiry into how and why all this land is becoming available to developers and who is benefiting from its acquisition. Also when are these developers going to be forced to pay section 106 compensation to residents like on Secmanton Lane who's properties have been devalued by tens of thousands of pounds

Does anyone on here know what to do with unwanted DVDs and Books all a bit dusty and yellowing. Dont mean just a few so please dont say put in re-cycling. I mean hundreds, box fulls. Just need gone if anybody wants them your welcome to pick them up. They are dry at the moment. Thanks

@Lynne You might also ask why a town the size of Dawlish needs another 350 houses is this really a local need. This planning should never have got the go ahead. Who is going to provide the additional infrastructure for over a thousand people and maybe another 700 cars. We have a crap bus service, no dentists, no spare GP capacity, chemists cant cope, sometimes it takes over 15 minutes to get ...

Here's a good idea. Dont build a road but make access to any new housing developments restricted to a cycle path only. Oh and make sure the path is made of a suitable material for road bikes, has a 5 mph speed limit, and is just wide enough to give pedestrians 1.5 metres of passing room. That should keep all the minority groups happy.

It really dosent matter about providing them with designated sites. What matters is making them obey the law wherever they are. If they drive untaxed, uninsured vehicles on the roads, commit criminal danage and trespass, steal property and goods, flytip and participate in anti-social behaviour then they should be dealt with as would anybody else. Not just allowed to move onto the next place and ...

Such a sorry state of affairs and condolences to the families affected. However we as tax paying public need answers not excuses. So when is the A & E and ambulance situation going to be resolved. If the CEOs of both Exeter and Torbay trusts cannot answer such a simple question then they need to resign with immediate effect and if they dont then the governors of the trusts need to sack them.

Doctor attended late mother in law at 10.15 am. He rang and ordered an ambulance to urgently transport her to Dawlish hospital from Sainsburys end of town. It eventually arrived at  9.45 pm almost 12 hours. No excuses this is totally unacceptable and borders on being unfit for purpose.

David Force
17 Jul 2022

Why didnt TDC block off the gate when the first two arrived on Thursday. Total incompetence from an unfit for purpose authority

Career politician and people just keep voting for them. The libdems are like covid they just wont go away even though they havent got a clue.

At a guess I would say DCC just dont want to set a presedence for fear of being inundated by similar requests.