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10 Aug 2022 08:14

22/00657/FUL - Land North Secmaton Lane, Gatehouse Farm

Location: DAWLISH - Land North Secmaton Lane, Gatehouse Farm

Proposal: Embankment to support the main access road to land at Gatehouse Farm

Applicant: Mr B Gazzard Taylor Wimpey Exeter/ Bloor Homes South West

Web Link:


10 Aug 2022 08:18

This planning application is on the agenda at tomorrow's (Thursday 11th August 2022) Dawlish Town Council's Planning Committee meeting. 

My thoughts on this, as with the other planning applications concerned with this development of over 350 houses plus care home, is to ask how will access to this site be achieved by the plant traffic? Will it be via, the yet to be built, Sainbury's roundabout/Gatehouse Farm link road or via Elm Grove Road/Sandy Lane/Elm Grove Drive?  

10 Aug 2022 10:38


You might also ask why a town the size of Dawlish needs another 350 houses is this really a local need. This planning should never have got the go ahead. Who is going to provide the additional infrastructure for over a thousand people and maybe another 700 cars. We have a crap bus service, no dentists, no spare GP capacity, chemists cant cope, sometimes it takes over 15 minutes to get out of the warren turning onto Exeter Rd. More importantly the town has no jobs so where are all these extra people going to work. Hopefully the developers will go bancrupt with the recession looming and the cost of the cardboard they use to build the wood huts increasing.


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10 Aug 2022 10:53

@FB - housing numbers dictated by central government. Therefore local people have no say on the numbers. If the local authority (in this case TDC) does not have a Local Plan showing where new housing is to be built then developers will have a field day (sorry about the pun) and will just be able to build basically anywhere they like. Sandy Lane playing fields for instance?

Totally agree with you re your comments about the additional infrastructure required.

And remember, this is just the Gatehouse site we are talking about. 199 new homes I think it is are also presently being built on the Persimmon site at Shutterton and there is another planning app in the pipline for another 149 homes to be built on land at Secmaton Farm.

Then, on top of that we have the latest Local Plan emerging from TDC which will schedule even more houses for Dawlish. Believe details of this latest Local Plan will be published in the Autumn     

10 Aug 2022 11:02

and on the subject of infrastructure we also need more child care provision in the parish. I've referred to this on other threads. I've done even more investigation now. Basically we don't have enough and boy! can it cost!

see ; and

12 Aug 2022 18:33

DTC's planning committee decision:


Resolved that this Council recommends refusal to the application due to a lack of information as noted by Devon County Highway’s concerns.


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