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03 Jan 2022 10:05

This link road should ultimately lead to/from the Sainsbury's roundabout through what is the Persimmon site, then Secmaton Farm and then Gatehouse Farm to the top end of Elm Grove Road. A bridge is needed on the Secmaton Farm site to enable the road to cross over Shutterton Brook. See for background info.


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Secmaton Farm , Secmaton Lane, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0LW
Dawlish North East
Construction of a new section of the Phase one link road in connection with Dawlish DA2 allocation, including 130m of road, highway bridge and associated features, highway embankments, attenuation and landscaping
Full Planning Application


03 Jan 2022 12:40

Bus Service and the Link Road.

I understand it is planned there should be a bus service running along the link road (whenever it finally gets completely built that is).

I  imagine that buses would only be able to access/egress the southern end of this link road (Gatehouse area) by way of travelling along Elm Grove Road. Do residents of Elm Grove Road want this? Have they been consulted?

I have no problem, in theory, with the provision of a bus service, on the contrary.  However, I do have a problem if, in providing a bus service along the link road (and then also presumably along Elm Grove Road?), other locations that presently have a bus service would lose out.

For example, the numbers 2 and 2b buses run along Exeter Road. If either of these routes were to be diverted to provide a service to those living in the link road area (from Sainsbury's roundabout to junction Elm Grove Road/Exeter Road) then that part of Exeter Road between Elm Grove Road and Sainsbury's Roundabout would no longer have a bus service.


The 186* presently weaves in and out of lots of roads and side streets on its journey back and forth from Sainsbury's to John Nash Drive.  This includes Elm Grove Drive, Lower Drive, Higher, Drive and the Pidgely Road areas of the town. If it were to be diverted along this new link road then would those residential areas lose their 186 service? 


I may be seeing complications where none would exist.  If so, I'd be really obliged if someone could point out how a bus service can be provided along the link road without other areas of the town losing what they presently have.


* Before anyone tells me I know the 186 already goes along Elm Grove Road up as far as Gatehouse Farm (before it turns around and goes on its merry way to Sainsbury's via Elm Grove Drive, Sandy Lane, Lower Drive, Higher Drive, and Pidgely Road. It has bus stops along those same residential areas when going the other way from Sainsburys to John Nash Drive.)


03 Jan 2022 16:12

Re the numbers 2 and 2b bus routes.  If they were to stick to their present routes but at the Sainsbury roundabout go down one way along the link road, turn around at the Gatehouse end and then go back up again on the opposite side of the road to get back to the Sainsbury roundabout, that would be one way of keeping the present route as tis but adding in the link road. Mind you, this detour would add to the length and thus time of any journey with perhaps an increase in fare prices to boot?   

13 Jan 2022 18:17

Have to declare an interest here. I am a bus user. Not that often I have to admit but I have been known to use the number 2 to get up to, and back from, Exeter.  I stopped using it to get back and forth from Newton Abbot as its detour around the houses in Kingsteignton for what seemingly felt like hours (but probably 20 mins or so) drove me nuts!  I appreciate the residents of Kingsteignton need a bus service just as the residents of the new estates either side of the link road should have a bus service. Trouble is, for the rest of us bus users that is going to add on what? 15/20 mins or so to the journey? And the journey time has recently been extended anyway because now the number 2 (and 2b along with the 186) go right down to Sainsbury's. Not saying that they shouldn't do so but am saying that all this diverting off here and diverting off there causes extra journey time. 

Back in the summer when the Part II of the future Local Plan was out for consultation I sent in this: "Buses quite often, quite literally, go around the houses to get from A to B. Whilst that might encourage some living in houses near  bus stops to use the bus I suggest that it equally puts others off as it makes journeys longer than they need be."   


So even though I don't have to pay on the bus I think I'll cough up and go by train instead or even........wait for it.........go by private car. (and I don't think that's the outcome that the powers that be want, is it?).


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