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Gagging order on all 46 Teignbridge councillors.

10 Jun 2017 11:45

Dawlish Post 9th June 2017 article.

The paper reports that a gagging order has been imposed on all 46 Teignbridge councillors over details of their boss Nicola Bulbeck's generous leaving package.

Supposedly discussed in a private session of the full council on May 15 2017. One councillor claimed the information was shredded after the meeting. 

It is understood that she has been given £130k redundancy and a further £130k towards her pension.

This is after she accepted a 12% increase in her salary last year. Her basic increased to a reported £125k.


Councillor's, representative's of the residents of Teignbridge?



10 Jun 2017 14:45

Thank God !  If   your correct about this pay off as I for one was getting Very concerned  how this person was going to make ends meet.

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11 Jun 2017 03:40

and this is how TDC spend our money. How will they hide such a payment on the official accounts which should be made available to public scrutiny. Time for the rest of the senior management team to follow Bulbeck and leave

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12 Jun 2017 17:16

I've just read the article as we don't get the paper delivered until Sunday evening and I can't get my head round this at all. Regardless of the sums of money, as I understand it Ms Bulbeck is being made redundant and this means that the post of Chief Executive Officer to the council is being axed, therefore there will be no-one replacing her. However, it appears that this is contradicted by Cllr Stuart Barker who states that the settlement is in line with the council's policies. If she is indeed being made redundant then there is a set sum which will be paid to her based on her salary and length of service which is laid down by government and unless there is something in her contract of employment which states that she will receive over and above this, I don't see why the council is paying out sums of money such as that quoted. If indeed she is entitled to those payments under her contract of employment then there is a question as to whether the council should be agreeing to pay people these vast sums of money in the first place. Is this why councillors have been ordered not to talk about it to the press/public?

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elvis presley
elvis presley
12 Jun 2017 19:29

Makes you wonder what she actually did, except drinking tea, eating choccy biscuits and going to meetings.

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13 Jun 2017 08:57

Having just joined the ranks of being a pensioner I wonder how these people look in the mirror or sleep at night when they take my council tax out of my 

monthly entitlement. Would like to comment more bluntly but Ladies present.


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