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@Carer Absolute bullshit for one Im not Chinese so you cant blame me for it  and for another I dont really give a toss what you think. If your prepared to follow like a good little sheep thats your choice but dont try blaming those who are prepared to use their brains and think for themselves about something created as an act of biological warfare by a communist country, who's goal is to ...

14 Jul 2020

I for one wont be wearing a face covering of any description as im not a muslim. This is a free country and this whole covid 19 crap is all about how governments can control their populations. If Boris told you to jump off Teignmouth pier to avoid catching a cold how many of you sheeples would do it

After brexit is finalised we need to fly the flag loud and proud to promote what makes Britain great. The plane looks great and is worth every penny of its paint job. Lynne give your head a wobble

@1263 Totally agree the whole covid 19 shit is a complete bore. However they will have plenty to moan about this time next year when the true outcome of all this becomes clear. Four million unemployed, unbelievable tax and goods price rises, food shortages, many many businesses shut down, not to mention the thousands that will die as a result of not getting routine surgery or cancer treatment. ...

Anne Marie Morris retains her seat for the Conservatives so now would be a good time to get the snowflakes back out of Teignbridge council lets have a vote of no confidence in the losers

Police Spending
9 Dec 2019

The £85,000 per year salery for her role as police commissioner is probably not her only income sorce as the job obviously comes with additional benifits. What about her pension and golden handshake payment when she leaves the post. Pretty shure the police authority would benifit financially without her.

Just spotted something very interesting on the Met office web site. Its a pie chart showing the breakdown of the biggest greehouse gas generators which is directly a main cause of global warming and climate change. So relating it to the industry im involved in and it shows Electric cars and the increasing promotion of them is nothing but a giant con. The biggest air polluter is the generation of ...

6 Dec 2019

@Masonic Bodge If the house you lived in before migrating to the UK was far superior, therefore one would assume your standard of living was also. So why did you and your parents come here. Burnside I dont think is refering to migrants arriving here with financial stability and the means to buy property and run businesses. He means the thousands queuing at the French ports with nothing awaiting ...

4 Dec 2019

This is what you will get if you vote Labour next week as for voting LibDem well grow up been there before they couldnt organize a piss up in the Lansdowne.

When I started work in the 70s I paid national insurance on the basis that I could retire at 65 and recieve my state pension providing I had a full 35 year stamp contribution. Iam now being informed that i will have to wait till 67 to claim my state pension. In effect like PPI I was missold my pension rights and should be able to claim compensation and interest on the extra two years money. ...

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