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Police Spending

09 Dec 2019 14:25

As per Alison Hernandez  police and crime commissioner  (£85,000 per year salary ) budget and  annual pleas for more money consider what Devon and Cornwall police  bought tiotalling £26,970.

-9000 glitterbugs

-2000 tins of mints

-1000 toothbrush sets

-21000 pens

1000-lip balms

250 water bottles.

Nope I have no idea either.................!!!!!

perhaps she could respond via her Western Morning News column before asking for more money.

09 Dec 2019 17:24

The £85,000 per year salery for her role as police commissioner is probably not her only income sorce as the job obviously comes with additional benifits. What about her pension and golden handshake payment when she leaves the post. Pretty shure the police authority would benifit financially without her.


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