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Just to be clear for anyone else reading this - best before end is a guide used by manufacturers to tell you when the flavour of the food may start to deteriorate (all still edible) Whereas a use by date is when the food should be eaten because it will go off and may lead to food poisoning.  But eyes and nose are the best guide for that and a day or two after may not matter. Frequently ...

Water fowl
4 Aug 2019

The Town Council are responsible for the waterfowl. I do remember hearing that the birds in the aviary were there for display and woudn't be released onto the stream. The birds on the stream are wildfowl and not technically under the remit of the Council (except the swans) None of it makes sense!

I think they've called her Glenda

Dawlish did, successfully for several years. But with a committee of just 3 people (with a handful of others helping in specific roles and volunteers who come out for the day to marshal etc) it's a heck of a commitment. During the last year it took place one of those 3 decided that their business needed to take precedence, another developed significant health issues and the final one decided ...

I'm thinking Paul is a parody.....

24 May 2019

Never seen Life of Brian, not a fan of Monty Python except for the odd sketch - was probably too young at the time of their peak to really understand the appeal. Anyone can laugh at whatever they want, entirely up to them. I'm not tarring anyone with any label, just the joke, that one joke in particular, which as I have said I (that's just me, not speaking for anyone else) didn't find ...

24 May 2019

1263 - I have a sense of humour, a very dark one at times (and I have had to develop that due to having seen some truly horrible things in the past), a silly one when with small children, a slightly weird one when with a particular friend who shares it. I don't find jokes about stoning women funny, I'm allowed to not find jokes about killing people in barbaric form funny, the same way I ...

Town Council results are being announced - another Lib Dem victory. I'm pleased to see 4 independents being elected too.

3 May 2019

Although I didn't vote for any Lib Dems I am quite pleased to see two of the existing councillors thoroughly thrashed in the elections - farewell Prowse and Clemens!

Strangely though, planning was the one they didn't go to. I find it frustrating, they are literally place holders. Just there to stop someone else.  Party politics stinks (yes, I know it always has)

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