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BBE December 2019 foodstuffs - urgently needing a use

19 Dec 2019 17:35

To say I hate wasting food is to understate.

So it would grieve me beyond all bounds to throw away food that someone else might be very grateful for.

Going through my cupboards I came across the following unopened items which I know will not be used by the end of this month.


Bottle of olive oil

Container of powdered milk

Sachet of Spag Bog mix


Not much I know but my conscience would be eased if I could donate them where they can be used by their BBE date.

Did think of  the food collection bin at Sainsbury's but then thought that by the time it was collected and sorted etc it could be the end of the month.

Any ideas anyone? Within immediate Dawlish area please if poss.   





19 Dec 2019 18:06

I don't know but maybe The Strand Centre would be able to use them 

19 Dec 2019 20:04

Just ignore the BBE date. I will still use it up to a couple of months later.

I don't believe in BBE dates at all, and most people are now brainwashed into believing the they should throw away food that has gone past the date.

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20 Dec 2019 08:40

and I have also been known to use foodstuffs after their BBE date.

However, as I am sure as I can be that I will not have any use for the three items I have listed anytime between now and, say, the end of Feb 2020 I am looking to find a new home for them.

It sticks in my craw however to put food stuffs in the food collection bin that are close to their BBE date.  

That said, if someone from HITS or some such similar organisation says it's okay by them then I'll be straight down to Sainsbury's and the food bank bin.   


edit: just phoned The Strand Centre - explained about date. They said "thank you - yes please".  

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20 Dec 2019 12:08

Just to be clear for anyone else reading this - best before end is a guide used by manufacturers to tell you when the flavour of the food may start to deteriorate (all still edible)

Whereas a use by date is when the food should be eaten because it will go off and may lead to food poisoning.  But eyes and nose are the best guide for that and a day or two after may not matter.


Frequently find stuff hidden in the cupboard with an expired BBE date - ignore it usually, especially tinned goods they seem to keep forever!

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