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The problem is that goverments allow mass immigration and we are talking millions of people and dont consider infrastructure, roads, healthcare, schools,law enforcement, etc and we end up playing catch up.

The Lakes this morning as my Dad used to say " There no such thing as bad weather lad just bad clothing"

3 days ago

The day after the storm
1½ weeks ago

You should have seen the Brook  at 0300 this morning it was at least 12 to 18 inch higher.

New recruits doing training.

My question is how many of these protestors use the beach on a regular basis i have walked along the wall hundreds of times and never seen more than a handfull of folk on that part of the beach even in the summer it's fairly quiet.

2 weeks ago

I wonder how they would all feel if Network Rail decided to build a direct line from Exeter to Newton Abbot and close the line that is causing them all this aggravation.

Happy Brexit Day
3 weeks ago

Why go abroad when this is within a few hours drive.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

I only holiday in the UK The Lakes, Scotland, Wales, i have spent a lifetime touring the UK and could spend another lifetime visiting places i have never been to and will continue to do so.

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