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They have done a second one the reason to clear the power lines.

3 days ago

What folk forget is that the results of referendoums in the UK are not legaly binding and Parliament is sovereign so they our elected representatives can ignore the result and do what they like. Now i for one realised this and had many discussions with friends and forecast exactly what we have now as far as i am concerned this has just been a paper chase and the chances of leaving are less than ...

3 days ago And this is why we will never leave.

High Street's
4 days ago

4 days ago

We in the UK are the largest online spenders in the world we spend more online than the whole of the USA and that is probarbly why our High Streets are suffering.

Have they found Keiron yet?

How about training our Swans to surf that would be a crowd puller.

1½ weeks ago

I dont find it a problem my browser remembers the details and it's one click.

2 weeks ago

If there is ever a next time me thinks there will be no one left to come to our rescue.