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Ziggy, Are you sure it wasn't let's try and spot a Bobby on the beat?

Anyone else having a problem during the day?

@1263 Better still, get rid of her so we can get an extra couple of Bobbies on the beat from the wages we have saved from paying her waste of space position.

Do not send british goods into southern Ireland. Secondly don't let goods from Southern Ireland into Northern Ireland to be shipped across England onto France and the eu.If Leo and his party want to keep the E.U integraty then ship your trade around the coast of the UK to Calais. Antwerp or Rotterdam. Saving our roads from jams and congestion. Jobs a goodun. No faffing about. ...

Politicians would guarantee the moon was made of cheese to get their own way, but the sad thing is some of these dimwits would believe it.

yesterday at 14:05

That clown IDS  is involved in this, and he  was in charge  of the disastrious Universal Credit roll-out. A total vote loser  should a general election come up. Remember the tories tried to do away with the triple lock and other ideas at the last election and along with brexit issues got their ar*e* kicked.

yesterday at 09:53

People are going crazy over this hot Call the Cops Devon officer PC Matt Tregale's neighbourhood police team published a post about the show which was aired for the first time on Monday August 19 with his photo and said: "Let's see if you can spot our very own Teignmouth and Dawlish police officer PC Tregale!" Read more... ...

@FredBassett , Expose this care home and let others know whether or not it would be a safe place if they had to go into one of these homes.

2 days ago

Here's an example of a colleague's rostered shift. Start time 2.00pm, work through to service users decided bed time. Sleeping night with only one or two other staff present and none qualified to decision making management level so unlikely to manage a full nights undisturbed sleep. Wake up time at service users discresion as and when they want breakfast etc. Work straight through till 10.00pm. ...

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