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High Street's
10 Dec 2018

Most buy from Amazon at the cost to the High Street.   So many people in the shops right now its easier to have it arrve at the door! Anyonw who thinks its a good idea to open a shop now must be bonkers! Having said that if everyone stopped buying online the shops would be booming! and Amazon would be finished.

Not exactly end of the world to do that lol...

Remember that leaflet ...'we will do what the vote result is' lol. Clearly not.

Brexit - Part 1
15 Nov 2018

All the first time voters will think twice when the EU form the' EU Army' ..they will be called to serve anywhere the EU say.

I recall someone suggesting the Lawn should be a store like Waitrose with parking on the roof ..that would bring people to the town and could be a saviour to the small parking would be free!.  Having said that I guess you cant build on the lawn becasue of sea level issues.

2 Nov 2018

They would rather look at their phone 'in the palm of their hands' ALL day! They should probably not get the vote until 30...might just know something by then!

I wish the remainers would just move over there and stay there!! . they would soon be back when they miss the benefits!

20 Sep 2018

We're leaving !!!

Sooner were out of the controlling EU the better!

Agree ..and if everyone stopped buying from Amazon and Ebay and go the shops... a difference it will make..but it will never ha[ppen.

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