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They just crack me up, they refuse based on what! Might have been an idea to have raised those instances when the planning app for 1000's of homes was submitted, our elected officials rarely, in my opinion, represent the feelings of the local residents, am I wrong?

Although they see nothing wrong having 1000's of home's built with little to no supporting infrastructure, outstanding. Keep up the great work elected officials.

@S .. do you have the same view towards, say the quran?

19 Aug 2018

The blight that keeps on giving, although not wanted.

11 Aug 2018

I see the old gang has their website back for themselves again, oh what deep joy.

Zoom in on Naval warship from field above Meadow Park.. Pic taken from Boat Cove. Zoom in from toilets at Boat Cove to Exmouth beach. ...

17 Jul 2018

Worth reading:-

Lycra louts about.
16 Jul 2018

@majorp - at least mobile scooters serve a useful purpose of transporting disabled people form a to b. @ER113 - 'cycles make no emissions' maybe not directly, but the emissions they cause by the tail back of vehicles sitting behind them as they part take in their hobby does, may be they should be taxed on that then. As to road tax, insurance, mot, license etc you are missing my point - ...

13 Jul 2018

@ER113 13 jul 2018 10:58 - i can only assume you must be a blind person not to see the obvious on the video. Why any vehicle that can only attain speeds of a few miles an hour for pleasure purposes only and no requirement for road tax, insurance, mot or a license, registration should be allowed to use roads with a 30mph plus speed limit should be obvious. You weren't one of the cyclist's in ...

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