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BOO HOO's Posts

(but not on footpaths/pavements) Well from the number of vehicles that DO park on footpaths and pavements I thought it was legal and ok. learn something new everyday.

Certainly a lot of water has come down in the last few hours. I have never seen the fields around {Aller Hill) on the ford and near Aller Farm so flooded. It has pushed the pony and 2 horses very close to the wire fence. Hopefully it will drain soon. Poor image quality due to the weather conditions, but gives u an idea.

I doubt anything will be actioned other than the sea wall request. There are a lot more issue on the social support level that needs addressing, but that won't happenany time soon, if at all. based on the previous 2 decades of slow spiralling decline of the area and economy, in my opinion.

Pics looked better before uploading to the site. Were 5 meg but reduced to less than a meg in size. Still u can make the moth out.

Supposedly the CO OP was broken into last night, but the coppers did not even turn up, I suppose they had better things to do!

Dear me, it's like been given a choice of apples but they are all moldy.

The reason why has so few participants these days.


Truss will say anything to get what SHE wants. If you trust what a politician says then there is no hope for you!

From the pictures it looks like a ZJ118 with BERP IV composite blades.