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BOO HOO's Posts Operates out of Bristol Airport. s t Under the charge of Accountable Manager Robin Tutcher, the team operates out of a specially constructed hangar and offices at Bristol Airport. Trolls need not comment, thankyou.

£79,000 to refurbish exterior of The manor House, Dawlish.

Climate Change
27 Mar 2024

Socioeconomic Collapse: Rapid and drastic measures to achieve carbon neutrality could trigger widespread socioeconomic disruptions, including mass unemployment, economic recession, and social unrest. Industries heavily reliant on fossil fuels, such as energy, transportation, and manufacturing, could collapse without adequate transition plans in place, leading to widespread poverty and inequality. ...

I like the way they say sevral roads!!!! They do not enforce the current speed limits so how would they enforce a 20mph blanket limit? In my cynical view they are merely doing as they are instructed by the lunatics up the chain that goes all the way to the W.E.F. Call me a conspiracy nut job, but I saw through the scamdemic early on and do not have that experimental vaccine swirling through ...

Scamdemic in my opinion.

Attached to a lampost this afternoon, may be of interest to some who reach speeds of 20 plus mph in their daily activities on the road:- New 20mph speed limits for Dawlish Six more communities chosen for 20mph schemes ...

(but not on footpaths/pavements) Well from the number of vehicles that DO park on footpaths and pavements I thought it was legal and ok. learn something new everyday.

Certainly a lot of water has come down in the last few hours. I have never seen the fields around {Aller Hill) on the ford and near Aller Farm so flooded. It has pushed the pony and 2 horses very close to the wire fence. Hopefully it will drain soon. Poor image quality due to the weather conditions, but gives u an idea.

I doubt anything will be actioned other than the sea wall request. There are a lot more issue on the social support level that needs addressing, but that won't happenany time soon, if at all. based on the previous 2 decades of slow spiralling decline of the area and economy, in my opinion.

Pics looked better before uploading to the site. Were 5 meg but reduced to less than a meg in size. Still u can make the moth out.