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Teignpot the 2nd

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A kilo and smokes 40 spliffs a day. The good old uk justice system at its best.

Just out of curiosity what places does this entrepreneur sell their ill gotten gains in Dawlish! Do you get a guarantee with the electrical goods or a replacement if defective?

It needs a letter of no confidence in the entire government system. Not just a silly puppet of a prime minister in the pantomime we call parliament.

Not if Klaus and big pharma's plans going according to schedule, ha,ha.

Why on earth do we need all these new houses in Dawlish! It's not like they have been built to house many of the less fortunate local people. Which I believe was our snidey governments reason to build millions of new homes around the country in the first place. Not exactly giving much to the green agenda either laying waste to thriving ecosystems and farmland whilst building sub standard ...

I see that Teignbridge decided to not do the run and then just delete it off their schedule. Now have to wait until the 14/01/22, but they still expect their money for the yearly rental of my 2 green bins. Checky fockas.

Teignpot, ha, ha, ha, ha......baaaaaa, baaaaaa, oh dear! that was a good one.

Happy New Year Webmaster.

Are Pfizer and Moderna misleading the public about the efficacy of their COVID vaccines by withholding the fact that there’s another way to parse their data — one that has more real-world significance? In 1954, writer and repentant cigarette industry lobbyist Darrell Huff wrote the best-selling book , “How to Lie with Statistics,” with the aim of teaching the general public how to decode ...

Gypsy and traveller sounds so idyllic, oh I so want a traveller/gypsy site right next to my house, please, please, pretty please, ha,ha,ha,ha. Then call the estate agent round and see how much your property has sky rocketed in value and sale potential.