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@leatash ....indeed it did, but with no explanation as to how the issue has miracously rectified.

yesterday at 21:02

Supposedly the work on the sea wall at Dawlish recommences this month. So what happened about the engineers checks saying the underlying sandstone was breaking. I assume they have been told they got it wrong?


A bit harsh putting Brian Downie in with this bunch. It clearly shows the poor bloke was suffering from a form of dementia. Your own article substantiates this. Usual poor news reporting by a sub standard news paper. Deepest sympathies to the victim and her family for the tragic loss.

You put tons of concrete onto permeable SANDSTONE that is soaked with sea water and the pressure of winter storms  and you are surprised it starts to give. I think building structures on soft foundations was never a good idea. I believe it may even be mentioned in the bible. Still you can bet someone is still going to make even more money from this cock up.

Just got a leaflet through my door for the above. Although this normally means that they are obliged to have a consultation with the public, but have already decided what they are actually going to do. I would have thought concrete tunnel sections to enclose the line and protect it from sea and rock fall would be more practical, but then they would have to close the line down. As ...

@Carer - thanks, i did actually mean Lidl.

2 weeks ago

Does anyone know when Aldi in Teignmouth will be opening the store?

Bye Bye 2019
2 weeks ago

I think I will wait and see what happens on the 31st Jan this year and again at the end of the year. Father time always reveals the results as time tics on. One thing you can count on is the EU unelected vultures continuing to pick the bones of all the other EU shackled states.

Walking along the jetty in Teignmouth this morning I witnessed to kids and an adult crab fishing. Then i noticed a number of large stones by the kids feet. Then I wintnessed 5 or so mins of the kids throwing stones at several gulls and a cormorant. The next generation of our society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!