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General Discussion
General Discussion
2 days ago

I did not think you could make an anonymous complaint to the council.

So the Queen attends the G7 on a train and Doris takes his own private jet to the G7. I think the queen is more in line with reducing global warming than Doris is.

Nothing ever changes on this site. There is always one that has to bemoan everyone else. No wonder there is so little traffic on this site anymore. What was once a great site has been relegated to a few who brave the waters and then comes along the nasty shark to have a chomp!

5 days ago

More houses built means more rates, its always about the money nothing else.

Doris does not want to give up his emergency powers. Without emergency powers he can no longer railroad through anything he wants, the vaccines still in trial until 2023 cannot be dished out to all the sheep and he cannot enforce lockdowns, etc. All that is being currently orchestrated by Doris and his goons is to keep up the farcade of this scamdemic until we enter the next seasonal flu. Once ...

Suspended sentence! 21 months what a joke. The uk legal system is as bad as the Uk Government when it comes to actually doing a proper job.

We need police officers to actually walk the beat not just shoot passed in a police car with the windows up a couple of times a week. These ferals use places like Boat Cove and other tucked out of the way places to get up to no good. There used to be a pcso that actually went around Dawlish talking to the kids and adults. Haven't seen him in a long while most probably made the rest look bad. ...

Dawlish has been mis managed in my opinion for years. Anyone who has lived here for a decade or more can see this.

Where the fock do although these house buyers come from to live in Teignbridge? Less businesses due to the scamdemic, less jobs but more new builds! No increase in infrastructure. Oh I forgot all those lovely rates coming in.

Southwest rail resilience programme, it may be good for stopping the railway line falling into the sea, but in my opinion, it is destroying Dawlish as a seaside town.