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BOO HOO's Posts

Pics looked better before uploading to the site. Were 5 meg but reduced to less than a meg in size. Still u can make the moth out.

Supposedly the CO OP was broken into last night, but the coppers did not even turn up, I suppose they had better things to do!

Dear me, it's like been given a choice of apples but they are all moldy.

The reason why has so few participants these days.


Truss will say anything to get what SHE wants. If you trust what a politician says then there is no hope for you!

From the pictures it looks like a ZJ118 with BERP IV composite blades.

Teignpot, troll. so saaaaadddddddd. Get a life.

Bin tax
31 Jul 2022

Do what my neighbour does and just chuck it in the alley. I have called the council numerous times over the last ten years and fock all happens.

Devon CEO pay rise
31 Jul 2022

Same old pigs at the trough mentality by the warped sense of worth many in higher management have about themselves even when everything around their little kingdoms is falling apart. Usual over inflated packages for those who parasite of the back of those who can and do. Nothing will change whilst those in power are not as accountable as the level us peaseants are held accountable in our ...