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19 Jun 2024 17:02

Flyer for a person I have only seen once in the 20 years I have been living in Dawlish came through  the letter box today.

The first thing struck me was below her name in big block capitals was 'Fighting for Newton Abbot'.

I though she was the m.p. for Teignbridge as a whole! during her terms.

The second item on the front cover was 'Keeping Banking services open'. Although in Dawlish all 3 banks have been closed in the time I have lived here and now the next nearest one in Teignmouth is closing shortly. 


SOOOOOOO I will have to travel to, oh yes, Newton Abbot to bank at the Lloyds branch.


The second item on the front page is 'Protecting Against Flood Damage', again Dawlish Brook floods every year. The Brook through Dawlish is literally blocked near the car park and most of it is only a foot deep. Many, many decades ago it was flowing and about 4-5 feet deep.

Even though there is more text in the pamphlet saying she will address these issues I feel like ,in my own opinion, these are empty words. Cons have been in for 14 years and all I have seen is decline, stagnation and reduced services whilst rates continue to go up.


I for one will not be voting con at this G.E.


As the saying goes "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.".





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19 Jun 2024 18:18

You've received a flyer from the conservatives??

I haven't.

The only party I've received anything from is the Lib Dems (and before anyone says that's because they believe I am a supporter I would just say that I watched the  person delivering go all along the street.).

Suspect many Labour activists are in Exeter or Plymouth.


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@BOO HOO She's MP for the Newton Abbot Constuency, with is around one half Teignbridge District. Tory Mel Stride is the MP for Central Devon which includes the other half of Teignbridge.

Keeping Bank services going refers to the banking hub '

"The hub will consist of a counter service operated by Post Office employees, where customers of any bank can withdraw and deposit cash, make bill payments and carry out regular banking transactions."

No substitute for actual banks though. probably reflects the economic stae of the town and nation as a whole under the Tories,


There was a call for volunteers to dredge the brook some time ago, if public money wasn't wasted by Lib Dems and Tories in local government and the Tories in westmister, if taxes were collected on the super rich then maybe there'd be the money to address flooding, or rather do a temporary patch-up job for a while.

The lawn area historically was a marsh, the topography hasn't changed and what with the road, railway and seawall with the small seaward opening and canalisation of Dawlish Water into a straight line Dawlish will always have flood problems to contend with, marshland allow overspill and a meandering course would slow down powerful flow. Morris will do f-all to remedy this as will Wrigley or whoever else. It would require costly structural changes, rewilding and flood attenuation that no socially conservative politician (whatever their party) would even begin to entertain as they'd lose votes in what is a socially conservative town. The solution is just too radical.


20 Jun 2024 13:42

I also have not received a flyer from the con party so in this age of reuse recycle reduce  should we just not pass the flyer on to our neighbour and they can pass it on again add infintim rather than  than just binning it.Hold on this sounds a great idea i am claiming copyright for the next political flyer that says this, all copyright monies to @1263.

@1263 Many parties could just share the same flyer, they say much the same thing and deliver absolutely bugger all. But at least it'd further reduce paper use. Top idea!

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