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Labour's Promises

29 May 2024 09:44

The Labour Party has said they will fix the economy. Fix Britain's public services. There will be no income tax or national insurance increase. No return to austerity. There may be public spending cuts.

Something doesn't add up here. Clearly, as usual, The Labour Party are promising anything and everything.

They won't be getting my vote.

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The Labour Party is now a centre right party, their policies hardly differ from the Tories, the Lib Dems, Reform. Just the level of incompetence or bastardry in how they implement their policies. It's basically a one party state run for the benefit of corporate elites and the establishment. They offer different shades of the same old sh1te.

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30 May 2024 19:41

When will the sheeple come to the realisation 99.99% of politicians only have one setting and that is to LIE, DECEIVE, BENEFIT THEMSELVES AND FOLLOW THE PARTY INSTRUCTION ON WHAT TO VOTE FOR AND HOW TO VOTE, in my opinion.

Anyone who believes we are living in a democratic country is under a sad illusion of reality.

The only vote that will count, in my opinion, at the 2024 general election is one that sends a message to the cons and labour that the days of their musical chairs in Parliament are drawing to an end and the citizens have had enough of this merry go round of abuse.

Now I just wait for all the little trolling bullies to make their nasty little comments as usual on this site.

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31 May 2024 09:33

@boo hoo,

Ageed, but how do you send that message with one party as bad as the other, and not voting is not an option as the parties could not care less about non votes.?

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These are the likely candidates - TBC;


Anne-Marie Morris - Conservative

Jacob Cousens - Labour

Liam Mullone - South Devon Alliance

Pauline Angela Wynter - Green Party

Martin Wrigley - Liberal Democrats

Annaliese Cude - Volt

Chris Hilditch - Reform UK

Madeleine West - Heritage Party

Ben Osben -Trade Union and Socialist Coalition


Any parties/political groupings you're unfamiliar with?

Some haven't launched their campaigns yet.


01 Jun 2024 17:54

Sda is not well known in Dawlish but will do well in NA.

Anybody other than wrigley

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@Roberta, that's a fair comment. They are the only political group who are fighting both Wrigley's Lib Dems and Bullivant's Tories in our failed District Council. I'd imagine the General Election will enable them to become better known and reach more people here in Dawlish and in Teignmouth. Wrigley is scared stiff of facing Liam Mullone in a hustings, as all his party's dodgy dealings in TDC will be exposed. Hopefully some gullible Lib Dem voters will wake up.

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02 Jun 2024 09:48

Thanks for the list of candidates TRB.

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@Daverc You're welcome.

The list might change before the 7th June, which is the deadline for candidate registration I think.

There has been a lot of lies and misinformation about Labour not standing put out by Wrigley and the Lib Dems. Most recently Wrigley has claimed Jacob Cousens will be studying in Durham and by implication wouldn't have much presence here/or be effective as a MP. Whereas in fact he has now finished University, so there's no reason he couldn't do a decent job. Not that I'm pro-Labour, I'm just calling out Wrigley's underhand tactics.


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