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I have posted a pic so everyone knows where it is, just in case they know the house and owners. The firemen were on the scene within minutes of the smoke coming out of the roof. Possibly no 21 from looking at google maps street view, although I may be wrong....

Hypothetically when you get to the age that your quality of life requires a lot of assistance/drugs etc and you cannot get around or enjoy your surroundings. Why not commit a crime that requires long term prison time. Now your new home has staff obligied by law to look after you for free. As I say hypothetical, but certainly one avenue. What's are the other choices, pay through the nose to end ...

27 Jun 2018

What has been needed in this country for decades is an elected government that actually does the job they were elected to do. This country needs all government's that gets elected to run the country to stop spending ten's of billions of pounds on pie in the sky projects and get back to grass roots. Immigration/borders, law and order, N.H.S, education system, highway maintenance. ...

I believe part of the decluttering of visuals was the over abundance of signs. Although since this doc was originally created it has increased signficantly rather than decreased. Next will have signs in town directing vistitors to where the nearest sign is.

26 Jun 2018

@Brooklyn Bridge - 26 06 18 10:59  - well said. If there is money still in the pot why not use it to replace the bandstand with something in keeping with its surrounding. I and others have mentioned a bandstand similar to the victorian styled one in Newton Abbot. Certainly a worthy addition to The Lawn compared to the play park only for under 8's, not to mention all the noise that will emenate ...

@Brooklyn Bridge (23 june 11:12hrs). well said, but how many times in the past has the dawlish council just done what ever it pleased. even when they have sought the residents input? I see we no longer have anyone for the council participating on this forum. In my opinion the gwr £19,212 may or may not have something todo with the placing of the play park for the under 8's.

The sewer should have been in place before the new builds were approved by the planning dep't. They say it was planned for 2025, but how many new houses will be using that 6 inch pipe by 2025. In my opinion, a greedy company like many others putting profit above customer satisfaction. God forbid if they charged milk prices for the water they supply and the crap we send them back. I'm ...

Green loss
17 Jun 2018

Well worth reading the link

Dogs on Lawn plus.
12 Jun 2018

@Diana Mond - i was merely using your own words. As to an important thread, yes it is important from the view point of the potential banning of dog's on The Lawn. From your post on this thread (11 June 2018 20:02) you seem happy to stop dog walker's from excercising their dogs on The Lawn, but seem unaware/ignorant to the fact that the potential for attacks on swans and other wildfowl ...

12 Jun 2018

@Diana Mond - 'will surely have the support of most people in the town', sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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