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Just walked around Dawlish what a mess.

Teignpot the 2nd
Teignpot the 2nd
21 Apr 2019 11:41

I would have thought that a group of people who are responsible for the well being of Dawlish. Would have had a little check list of TO DO's for Dawlish so that it was clean and tidy for the Easter bank holiday.

A few odd items like :- 1) emptying waste bins each day, 2) sweep off the sand from the sea wall walkway, 3 ) cut back foiliage. Maybe a little walk around to make sure that everything is being done to make sure that Dawlish is inviting.

Do we have a town council or have they just gone on holiday like there westminster counterparts?

Rates are one of the most expensive in the U.K. and keep going up, but inversley preportional is what we get  for it.

And NO, I couldn't be bothered to take pics as it is so soul destroying to look at.

I happened to notice parking enforcement were doubling up though.

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21 Apr 2019 15:35

There are dozens of fag ends all along Brunswick Place i heard visitor comment only a half hour ago "what a dirty little place Dawlish has become"

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22 Apr 2019 09:23

It's the same outside the Sports Bar at Sandy Lane, you would think they would have a cigarette butt container outside or sweep up.






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22 Apr 2019 13:53

Some of the worst offenders are shop and cafe owners who stand outside to have a fag and then throw it in the gutter, and they will be the first to moan if visitor numbers are down.

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