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Arrogant Mercedes Driver

12 Mar 2019 13:56

According to this driver, cyclists and walkers should not be out as the weather is bad: that is, it is raining hard with some wind.


So, he parks on the pavement, blocks people from using it so he can go into a shop to play the lottery.


As picture almost shows, he is about to give the photographer the usual two fingered salute. Typical.


Car frequently to be seen on our roads, driving too fast and ignoring the rights of others.


Why do car drivers think they have the right to abuse other legitimate users of the national road system??


Arrogant Mercedes Driver 2

3 Agrees
Teignpot the 2nd
Teignpot the 2nd
12 Mar 2019 16:51

I doubt it is because he is a car driver! most probably a complete T@aT all the time. He does drive a mercedes, poor bloke.

13 Mar 2019 21:32

...and another. What is it about car drivers inability to read and understand?


Car 3 March 2019

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