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Beach signs changed for dog owners access - Dawlish, Teignmouth etc.

15 Mar 2019 16:56

Wasn't sure if everyone was aware the signs on the beaches around here have been/are being changed. The old notice allowing dogs on certain beaches usually stopped 1st May each year, now it will be 1st April. Obviously there are parts of certain beaches were people are allowed to walk their dogs all year round, but they are normally the parts where the tide comes in first.

Who uses the beaches more than any other group, uhm - dog walkers.

In my opinion those setting these restrictions have no clue about what they are making decisions on, bit like the brainless and over paid idiots that fill Westminster.


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Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
15 Mar 2019 20:40

Who pays the taxes in this town? How many dogs do the councilors own? Our council taxes keep going up (we got our notice today). Are we just paying for holidaymakers to have the pleasure of our beaches? Why can't there be a time factor such as dogs allowed before 9 am and after 6 pm. wouldn't that be a good compromise. This is ridiculous. Why do we keep having to be inconvenienced for visitors, but the town only survives on tourism one could argue. 

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