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Teignpot the 2nd
Teignpot the 2nd
15 Mar 2019 16:56

Wasn't sure if everyone was aware the signs on the beaches around here have been/are being changed. The old notice allowing dogs on certain beaches usually stopped 1st May each year, now it will be 1st April. Obviously there are parts of certain beaches were people are allowed to walk their dogs all year round, but they are normally the parts where the tide comes in first.

Who uses the beaches more than any other group, uhm - dog walkers.

In my opinion those setting these restrictions have no clue about what they are making decisions on, bit like the brainless and over paid idiots that fill Westminster.


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Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
15 Mar 2019 20:40

Who pays the taxes in this town? How many dogs do the councilors own? Our council taxes keep going up (we got our notice today). Are we just paying for holidaymakers to have the pleasure of our beaches? Why can't there be a time factor such as dogs allowed before 9 am and after 6 pm. wouldn't that be a good compromise. This is ridiculous. Why do we keep having to be inconvenienced for visitors, but the town only survives on tourism one could argue. 

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25 Apr 2019 11:08

Holiday makers have dogs too!

On the first Sunday of the "dog ban" I took my dog for a walk in Teignmouth.

Town Beach empty. Eastcliffe jammed packed with people and dogs. My dog is a bit nervous and he was overwhelmed. 

Last week ventured to Dawlish beach. Same again with main beach empty and what was left of the remaining beach, with the tide so high, packed, and this was a week day.

These people were not residents but visitors judging by the picnics and takeaways. How many will bother to return to such a town prejudiced against dogs? Or should I say District Council..

Where do they take their dogs if they are on a day out? Nowhere apparently as they are not welcome here.

I agree dog fouling is a problem that needs addressing but you don't do so by passing laws you won't enforce because you will not fund them properly. This just means the responsible will observe the laws as they always do and the irresponsible will ignore them. 

These new regulations are ill conceived, poorly thought through and judging by the statements of some councillors fuelled by prejudice and ignorance while potentially damaging to the tourist trade.

Are any of the candidates in the coming election stating their views on this subject? 

I have seen nothing so far though perhaps it is a subject that they would rather not talk about.



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25 Apr 2019 14:58

 Agree with you conchibar, would hve been more interesting than :

 I have lived here for .....x years  and used to be a xxxx

Dawlish is a great tourist attraction .......

I have been engaging with the public ???when

Picture of would be councillers pointing into a hole ........


I would have have more respect if they had put in there leaflets how they voted or thier take on the serious issues like :

Transparency withteignbridge council ex leaders pay off with our money.

Rate rises above inflation 


Council pay rises

Local Bus services 

Planning issues including the lawn 

What there thoughts were on the loss of the Dawlish Airshow- the biggest tourist attraction loss bar none for Dawlish but not a peep out of the councillers.

Have a meeting at the manor when joe public could get the answers to our questions before making up our minds which way to vote.

The reason we no longer see the police in this town but have to pay more money to that  waqsteful Henandaz  for less policing 

Spending 250/300k  on talks to merge Devon& Cornwall police with Dorset police.

Beach access for dog walkers.

Parking in Dawlish.

Pot holes  in dawlish roads 


The list goes on and on but we continually get the usual bull*h*t  leaflets through the door saying how good they have been for DAWLISH 







Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
26 Apr 2019 20:26

Vote for your local independent councillors, they are not told what to say and how to vote by their political party, they generally want to do the best for Dawlish and the people of Dawlish. Let’s take the politics out of local council decision making. 

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28 Apr 2019 08:59
28 Apr 2019 10:27

I haven't got a dog!

28 Apr 2019 10:36

Sorry Ziggy but this link contains inaccurate information 

I do not know about North Devon but all the Teignbridge information is out of date.

The Devon live site should check their archive as this is what they published on 30/10/2018

The new rules
Here is the full list of the offences that can be committed by a person in
charge of a dog in Teignbridge:
Fouling - not picking up its faeces straight away;
Means to pick up - not carrying a bag or other means of clearing up at all
Dog exclusion areas (except beaches) - letting a dog enter a dog ban area,
such as a children’s play park;
Seasonal dog exclusion areas (beaches) - allowing it on a beach specified with
a ban between April 1 and September 30;
Dogs on lead areas - not keeping a dog on a lead in designated areas;
Dogs on leads on the highway - not keeping a dog on a lead on a road or
footpath alongside a road, or cycle and walking routes away from roads;
Dogs on leads by direction - not complying when told by an authorised
council officer or police officer to put a dog on a lead;
Restriction on number of dogs - an individual walking more than four dogs at
any one time.
Anyone breaking the rules can be given a £100 fixed penalty.
According to Teignbridge council
"The PSPO report considered by Executive is online at:
BUT IT'S NOT working now as are any other links to council meetings. Funny that.
This however is an extract from the meeting approving the new laws..
Councillors Christophers (Leader), Clemens (Deputy Leader), Bullivant, Barker, Golder,
Goodey, Lake and Russell
Members Attendance:
Councillors Clarance, Haines, G Hook, Dewhirst, Nutley, Wrigley and Prowse
Officers in Attendance:
Phil Shears, Managing Director
David Eaton, Environmental Protection Manager
Chris Braines, Waste & Cleansing Manager
Andrea Furness, Licensing Manager
Chris Smith, Estates Surveyor
Sarah Selway, Democratic Services Manager (Exeter City Council)
These decisions will take effect from 10.00 a.m. on 6 November 2018
The Environmental Protection Manager presented the report on the Implementation
of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for responsible dog ownership.
Members were advised on the purpose of a PSPO and of the two conditions that
the local authority must be satisfied on reasonable grounds that are met. An officer
working group had reviewed the project and there had been an extensive
consultation. The eight suggested controls were outlined, these included existing
control, improvements on existing controls and new controls. Members were
advised that there was no specific statutory guidance to assist when setting a
restriction on the number of dogs that could be walked by a single individual on or
off a lead. Members were asked to recommend setting the restriction on the
number of dogs and attention was brought to the comments in the consultation on
this matter and the responses from interested organisations.
During discussion, Members raised the following points:-
%uF0B7 Should the seasonal dog exclusion date commence from 1 April on
beaches? Not just Dawlish Warren Beach
%uF0B7 The majority of dog owners were responsible it was just those few
irresponsible owners that caused the issues
%uF0B7 How would enforcement be undertaken and by whom?
%uF0B7 How would public evidence of an offence be acted on?
%uF0B7 There was an issue with dogs being left to roam
%uF0B7 Dog fouling was a real issue in the parishes across the District
%uF0B7 Concerns about working dogs in rural areas; these should be excluded
%uF0B7 What about the existing bye laws?
%uF0B7 How were children play areas defined?
%uF0B7 There was an issue with dog walkers putting dog faeces in bags and
hanging on hedges in rural areas
%uF0B7 The maximum number of dogs on a lead should be four.
The Environmental Protection Manager clarified the following:-
%uF0B7 cycle paths, both those adjacent and not adjacent to a Highway, would be
covered by the PSPO
%uF0B7 The three Community Environment Wardens would undertake the role of
%uF0B7 Complaints could be reported on-line
%uF0B7 Hotspots would be targeted
%uF0B7 Walking patterns of offenders would be identified
%uF0B7 Recording of car number plates would help to trace offenders - this would be
a non-confrontational way of reporting an offence
%uF0B7 The existing bye laws would remain in place
%uF0B7 Would investigate if Dawlish Town Council Water Fowl Wardens would be
able to enforce the PSPO
Executive (30.10.2018)
%uF0B7 There would be a publicity plan to make the public aware of the order and its
%uF0B7 The Community Environment Wardens work patterns do vary to cover
different times of the day to address issues.
Executive Members discussed the seasonal dog exclusion dates on the beaches,
the needs for signage to be clear and the number of dogs that could be walked by a
single individual.
RESOLVED that the:-
(1) implementation of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Responsible
Dog Ownership under ss59 to 75 of the Anti-Social Crime and Policing Act
2014 be approved subject to the inclusion of:-
%uF0B7 Cycle paths to be added as a highway
%uF0B7 working dogs to be added to the existing list of exemptions - farm dogs
moving livestock on the highway are not expected to be on a lead
%uF0B7 the maximum number of dogs permissible on or off a lead with a single
individual to be four;
(2) Council’s Solicitor be authorised to draft and make the Order;
(3) Council’s Environmental Protection Manager be authorised to issue fixed
penalty notices under the PSPO; and
(4) seasonal dog exclusion areas on beaches from 1 April to 30 September be
approved. This to be reviewed in 12 months.


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