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@Lynne I will be voting SDA, because government at any level cannot function in the interests of the people on corrupt foundations. It is that simple. And yes I advocate that others vote for the SDA, but I also offer valid reasons for doing so. I haven't told anyone to vote for the SDA. I haven't just issued an instruction without offering a sound argument for doing so, unlike your post. ...

TRAFFIC is being held up in Dawlish due to an accident. The A379 Teignmouth Road is reported to be closed in both direction due to road traffic collision between John Nash Drive and Coronation Avenue.

A main A-road in Devon has been closed by a crash this afternoon (June 17). The A379 in Dawlish is currently shut in both directions between John Nash Drive and Coronation Avenue. Delays are reportedly growing in both directions and Google Maps suggests traffic is moving slowly in the area.

So if you aren't advocating that people should vote SDA then why do you keep going on and on and on about them and posting their candidate's election address.? If you didn't want people to vote SDA then you wouldn't be doing that, would you? PS I see that the SDA candidate openly admits that "Labour isn't putting up a fight  here".

@Lynne I have made people aware that the SDA exists. I haven't told anyone who to vote for, unlike you in this thread. Why should anyone listen to you after 5 years of Lib Dem local government which puts them firmly in the toxic category along with Morris and the Tories. You can't even acknowledge the Lib Dem's awful record in local government or the fact the South Devon Alliabce has been the ...

WILL Evans led the nine-strong group of Haldon Trail Runners taking part in last week’s Coastal Dash in Dawlish Warren. At the weekend, Miriam McDowell finished third female and ninth overall at the 16-mile Tsunami race from Hartland Quay along the coast path and over the border to finish in Bude in 3:02.42.

And your telling peole to vote SDA time and time again isn't also wearing thin?

yet another poll predicting a Labour win. For evey poll Wrigley and his Lib Dem fan club produce there are plenty more predicting a Labour win or Tory hold. None include the South Devon Alliance. They do put 'Other' referring to all parties at around 1%. If the turnout is around 72% that's is 54000 plus ...

@Lynne Telling people to vote Lib Dem to stop the Tories time and time again is really wearing thin, because of you're absolute refusal to acknowledge on any level that your cherished candidate Wrigley has an awful record in local government and is widely considered the opposite of a liberal and a democrat; illiberal and undemocratic. Why should anyone listen to or believe the same old 'We're ...

2 days ago

I do not take it for granted AT  ALL that the Labour Party will have a massive majority. It could turn out to be another 1997 on the other hand it could be another 1992. That is why tactical voting is needed if you don't want another 5 years of Tory government.