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My sentiments exactly how could we possibly be last and a woman from Australia swinging on a pole with a awful voice be ninth it's madness.

2 days ago

Not just because the UK finished last, but I have never seen so much rubbish in my life. Talk about talking something up ,well this must be rated as the most talked up entertainment show ever. Why I watched it, I shall never know.

The rail service between Okehampton and Exeter is due to start next spring; the plan is for the rail link to go all the way to Plymouth via Tavistock, which would make sense as much of the structure is in place, or it could be revived. With the West Country effectively cut off from the rest of the UK when the rail line at Dawlish was swept into the sea in 2014, a second rail link to Devon and ...

A pic might help to identify him.

The only way to confirm what has really happened is to record the incidents. This is the only evidence the courts will accept.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
5 days ago

A man has been cleared of stalking his neighbour after a three-day trial. The jury was told that Greet was appearing for parts of the trial over video-link from Langdon Hospital in Dawlish because that is where he is currently receiving treatment for mental health issues. Read more...

Please be on the lookout for Jesse Ezre a 34year-old man reported to police as missing from Exeter Road Dawlish and last seen at around 1030hrs today Thursday 16 May. Jesse is described as being white, 5ft 8ins in height of slim build with short curly black hair, a short neat beard, wearing grey cotton jack and jones hoodie with black jeans and black NIKE trainers . Police are concerned ...

The no dog signs are already in place at Red Rock but dog owners seem to be ignoring them.

6 days ago

Just to let us know that the work will most probably go on through out the holiday season and the beach will be closed off. I would not be suprised if the beach onwards to The Warren from Dawlish gets NO DOGS signs put up for this season. So another holiday season for Dawlish pooped on. Yes, before all the haters start up on this site.....I understand the work needs to be carried out and there ...

Ignorant cyclist putting walkers in danger whilst he cycles along the sea wall between The Warren and Dawlish. On occassion I have confronted those ignorant people who cycle along the sea wall only to be verbally abused and in some cases, if it wasn't for my size, physically assaulted. As long as there is no enforcement dickheads will continue to upset the rest of us, same for a lot of ...