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@BOO HOO She's MP for the Newton Abbot Constuency, with is around one half Teignbridge District. Tory Mel Stride is the MP for Central Devon which includes the other half of Teignbridge. Keeping Bank services going refers to the banking hub ' "The hub will consist of a counter service operated by Post Office employees, where customers of any bank can withdraw and deposit cash, make bill ...

@Lynne . See my thread from earlier entitled 'Our Constituency is Neither a Lib Dem Nor a Labour Target Seat'. Having said that it now seems the Lib Dems are't so sure whether Labour still see it as non-battleground or not and they are asking the local Labour Party to explain themsleves. Why they think the Labour party should have to explain themselves to the feckless Lib Dems is weird. ...

@Lynne Pretty obviously to undermine any flawed tactical voting arguments for voting Lib Dem in this Constituency. Best to be transparent and open, I don't want the electorate misled.

@Lynne I'd found it and was reading it after I'd read your post. Then when I looked at again i saw you'd added it as I'd requested. Are you okay?

yesterday at 18:30

So if you had already read it online via a search why bother asking me for a link? You could have provided it yourself.

So if you believe  these polls are  flawed  why are you posting their recommendations?

and the same goes for the Labour Party. (ie the Labour Party does not regard Newton Abbot as a key seat to contest).

You've received a flyer from the conservatives?? I haven't. The only party I've received anything from is the Lib Dems (and before anyone says that's because they believe I am a supporter I would just say that I watched the  person delivering go all along the street.). Suspect many Labour activists are in Exeter or Plymouth.

yesterday at 17:02

Flyer for a person I have only seen once in the 20 years I have been living in Dawlish came through  the letter box today. The first thing struck me was below her name in big block capitals was 'Fighting for Newton Abbot'. I though she was the m.p. for Teignbridge as a whole! during her terms. The second item on the front cover was 'Keeping Banking services open'. Although in Dawlish all ...

Actually the commenter on Facebook need just take a closer look for the reasons (Now Zoomed in) "This time, the Lib Dems have other targets in Devon and is not regarding Newton Abbot as a key seat."