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And how many unemployed are there in this county and country?

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
2 days ago

A seafood processing firm has begun flying some of its products to Vietnam to be processed because it can’t recruit enough workers. 60 per cent of the firm’s workers come from the EU.  The business features in a BBC Inside Out South West show about the end of freedom of movement after Brexit. BBC reporters also talk to a Romanian nurse who started working in UK care homes 11 years ago, ...

Mel stride in the MDA paper glad that the government is paying extra for policing and with some amount or irony saying they had given council permission to exceed the cap to allow more police to be added via the rates....this is the government that chopped funding for the police. Another excuse for Teignbridge council to get more money while delivering less services,....

Sunday times..Vince cable would put corybn in power if he backs a second referendum!!!! The lib Dems would do anything for a bit of power.!!!!!You could not make it up with these clowns,..........!!!!

4 days ago If you are still awake burnside!!!!!!

There will be light in Dawlish after the county council agreed to keep managing the street lights in Sea Lawn Terrace. As part of the policy and to reduce costs, the council will no longer retain responsibility for street lights in private roads, and will instead seek to transfer lights to those responsible for the private roads, unless it is in the public interest for Devon to maintain them. ...

@burnside But I bet it keeps you guessig what it is all about. Will you,I wonder, lose sleep over it?

6 days ago

This random paragraph is meaningless.

Kieron also gave to numerous charities UNICEF, Save the Children and many animal charties and his family has invited donations to any of those named.

It is also true that she has given decades of devoted and impeccable service to the Conservative Party and works tirelessly for good causes, including those promoted by her local church. She is a good person who has committed a serious crime because of misguided loyalty to her Party and her political principles. She was carried away by her conviction that the defeat of Nigel Farage was an ...