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City of London...perhaps, but you will find it difficult to spot a copper walking the beat in the Greater London Area. Most of the public areas are covered by CCTV though, both public and private.

Nothing up 'White City'.

yesterday at 15:44

yesterday at 12:08

Anyone else in dawlish just got a power outage?

Funny how you can hardly move in the city of london for coppers and the security services, but everywhere else has their numbers slashed!

The only reason any of the services are being cut at a local level is because central goverment is keeping more of the cake for their fat arse,s to scoff on. 'The below stations will reamain open'  for now. Look what happened when they wanted to sell off teignmouth police station. They appeased a few people by opening a small cop shop on the high street and then closed it a couple of ...

Greed on behalf of the management {owners}. You cannot possibly look after the kind of patient they have there with minimum staff. The staff are always under pressure and soon get tired of their job and leave, putting more pressure on those that remain. I would be interested to know what the turnover of staff is?

Just off the A379 at Cockwood, it's a perfect starting point to explore the glorious, winding coastal walk through Dawlish, Teignmouth and on to Torquay in one direction, and the Exe Estuary walk to Exeter, teeming with wildlife, the other. Read more...

If so, then it’s gone downhill a lot over the last few years.

2 days ago

That could be Palm Court, if it is I am not surprised.