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@leatash No need to feel sorry for me Im to old to be worried either way. The people you need to feel sorry for are the young families with children missing out on education, parents losing their jobs and the likelyhood of their homes. Not to mention the self employed losing their busineses and the big high street names going under. What about the cancer sufferers unable to get treatment, the ...

As of 09:20 hrs today. The odd passenger plane ferrying the covid around the world free of charge, nice.

1½ weeks ago

I really feel sorry for you FredBasset.

1½ weeks ago

How's it going all you government sheeples especially Carer. Hope you all enjoyed your covid jabs and you now consider yourselves immune to this virus. Unfortunatly for the rest of us, the ones with brains you lot have now become secret spreaders and are in fact now a danger to us. You are not immune you can and most probably will become infected only due to the jab you will treat it as a minor ...

@DEEDOODLE :  The Dawlish Warren variant, presumably

A new covid strain I expect....the tango covid strain.

@Cassandra - That is the new woodland covid strain the government will announce has just been found in July 2021

Documents related to this Application are available here. You can comment on this application using this form. Reference: 21/00232/MAJ Address: Red Rock Holidays, Mount Pleasant Road, Dawlish Warren, Devon, EX7 0NE Parish: Dawlish Ward: Dawlish North East Proposal: Use of 18 holiday apartments as permanent residential dwellings Type: ...

A river in Dawlish has been pictured with 'orange' water running in its stream. Shutterton Brook was found polluted with discoloured water on Tuesday morning and has since been reported to the Environment Agency. Read more...