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General Discussion

2 days ago

The point is this virus has the potential to run riot and kill many thousands there is no human immunity to it and no cure. Infection rates are on the increase so now is the time for extra measures to hold the infection rate down, remember 40% of those infected show no symptons everyone should be wearing a mask.

2 days ago

2 days ago

Carer my point was that i know where to buy them as i dont use shops and havent for years the internet is my shop window, but there are folk out there who dont use the internet so where do they obtain face masks.

2 days ago

I wonder if everybody knows where to buy them.  Are they for sale in Boots or Lloyds, i have no idea as i buy everything online but maybe some folk don't have access to the internet.

Will folk park in the Barton car park and walk to the Strand i doubt it all this will do is reduce the footfall in the town and lead to more shop closures.

There was only crew on board no passengers.

And to make things worse a new study by the WHO has found that 40% of those tested for covid are asymtomatic. That tells me there are thousands out there who have no symptoms havent been tested and are now on there way to the South West.

2 weeks ago

And then all and sundry will descend on us this weekend as campsites are open from Saturday. My advice stay indoors they will be from all over the country and probably bringing Covid with them.

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