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COVID Boosters
2 Nov 2021

Pfizer vaccinations
26 Feb 2021

25 Feb 2021

I understand fully it would mean that those who refuse the vaccine would be excluded from society but not those who have a underlying health condition that excludes them from recieving the vaccine . The question is do i have a problem with that, not at all my feelings are that most countries will require some form of covid passport to allow there citizens to travel, and most countries will require ...

24 Feb 2021

DEEDOODLE, Is Government not looking  if it would be possible to have a covid passport,  some employers have already made it clear that they will only employ those who are vaccinated. Countries like Spain,Greece,Portugal,and Turkey have already hinted that only those vaccinated will be welcome on holiday.  I dont understand why you find my comments worrying, i would bet money that we will in some ...

23 Feb 2021


23 Feb 2021

Hopefully we will have to have a covid status certificate that allows you to travel go to the pub attend large family gatherings etc etc ,and those who refuse to have the vaccine will be excluded from those activities the rest of us will be able once again to enjoy.

22 Feb 2021

22 Feb 2021

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