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Clap For Heroes
2 weeks ago

I said maybe, this goverment through the pandemic has kept many in work and many small businesses will survive due to this goverments unprecedented financial support and plus they have poured huge amounts of cash into the NHS. My understanding of payments to the EU is we still owe 25bn so untill our debt is paid the NHS wont benefit.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Maybe the money went on furlough payments.

26 Dec 2020

Happy Christmas
25 Dec 2020

A very Happy Christmas to you ZIGGY

18 Dec 2020

The idea is to save downtime due to bad weather, and work has continued during the recent poor conditions.

Pfizer vaccinations
11 Nov 2020

Bring it on i will certainly be in the queue with my sleeve rolled up the sooner the better as far as i am concerned.

Sorry £3760.50

1 Nov 2020

So for the 327 children in this parish it would only cost £752.10 per week.

1 Nov 2020

So the average price of a School meal is £2 at DCC a meal deal is £2.30 so just give the parents a food voucher for £11.50 per week and problem solved.

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