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Thanks for sending the old photo of Dawlish in 1916. Appears to be a happier time even though a terrible war was raging

Happy New Year
30 Dec 2015

I would like to wish all on a Happy New Year. I hope that 2016 brings you all good health. Regards John ( AKA ) Brooklyn Bridge.

16 Nov 2015

Why does a small town such as Dawlish attract so much Anti Social behavior? There was another incident at the ( Happy Hut ) again this afternoon about 5pm. Apparently a ambulance was requested but never turned up, the first repsonders from Dawlish fire station had to deal with this incident. Is there anyone on here could furnish the correct email address I would love to give my opinion to the ...

To DogsRGR8. What did you see wrong with my post that I would want a medal. I was commenting that now I have a puppy It is more obvious that a lot of people do NOT pick up after their dogs. In fact walking up the Strand yesterday there were two big piles of poop on the pavement outside the travel agents, of which had been walked in by some unsuspecting person. Thanks Flo.

26 Oct 2015

I have recently got a puppy and as it's been 40 years since I owned a dog it has become more obvious that owners still do not clean up after their dog. It use to be a lot worse some 40-50 years ago.  At one time I would be concerned if I left the house without my phone now I'm concerned if I leave without poo bags, In fact the other night I took the dog out and sure enough she did her job but I ...

21 Oct 2015

I have heard many reports of this rouge dog residing in Dawlish. I had been informed of at least two incidents. The latest one was the dog in question was tied up outside One Stop. A lady walked out of one stop and put her dog down and this dog ponced on the smaller dog and ripped the throut out and no doubt killed it. There was another incident last week when this lady was walking her dog on the ...

The anti social behavior in Dawlish has been out of hand for sometime now. From my vantage point the ( happy hut ) often have about 10-15 individuals just drinking and smoking and latley children have been exposed to the goings on there. For the most part it's the usual crowd but latley newer people have been arriving knowing that Dawlish is a soft touch. Throughout the summer visitors have been ...

Syrian refugees
23 Sep 2015

As the discussion on this refugee/migrants is old news on this forum anyone changed their minds on this issue. It has been stated in the media and the news on tv it is said that millions will be decending on Europe. It was also reported that these people will be given housing, NHS services and be allowed to work on arrival and no doubt have access to other benefits. So just curious on your views.

14 Sep 2015

As I have stated befor we in the West are  SATAN DEVIL  and thier agenda is to kill us whichever way they can. For the most part it's that wonderful piece of water that gives us some protection, but they will still get in. Merkel should resign over this debacle she has greated. No personel insults now be good girls and boys. We have bigger problems ahead of us and for those people that are for ...

13 Sep 2015

Would you believe it Germany closes her borders all trains from Austria to Germany halted and now imposing the Skengen agreement. Merkel has been very quiet.

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