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Hi Lynne, I would love the smell to be outside instead of in our bathroom, with no window to open. This town is full of you know what. It was the same in the old flat, but the sewer smell was then in the living room.

I haven't posted on here since December when Lynne was very supportive. Anyway walking the dogs this afternoon I happened to take a rest on the wooden bench at the Newhay. There was a workman there installing what is to be a metal bench. We started chatting about how nice it looks here now they have mowed the grass, ah, his say's they want to sell it?????? what?? the Newhay he say's, 'who wants to ...

Dirty town
8 Feb 2022

Has anyone noticed recently how dirty the pavements are on Dawlish Strand,? or is it me?

Teignpot: Of course they are entitled to get their property back. It's just the way they do it by giving just 8 weeks to get out is not long enough whether young or old 8 weeks is not long enough by a long shot especially in our case being in our 70s and never ever missing the rent payment ever.

9 Nov 2021

We have realized something is going on not only in Dawlish but across the country. Landlords of private renters are having their rents increased now that the Government has relaxed the emergency on rents be it a flat or house Landlords are raising rents above the (RPI ) Retail Price Index. Those landlords that attempt to raise rents above that are breaking the law. So, what happens if you refuse ...

Gays creamery
26 Jul 2021

I haven't posted on this site for a long, long time and to be honest you can see why. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, over this century a lot of diseases have been eradicated from vaccines, this covid is no different. There will always be people that will believe in conspiracies which is their right if they wish to. People that have a belief in conspiracies is pure fiction, in this ...

I sure agree with these posts. And once again we have the ( Airbnb) inside the bandstand two of them. Take a look at your new council tax notice, I was shocked 6% to Dawlish Council.

I agree with the posts. If you haven't opened your council tax bill make sure you are sitting down.

Hi Guys, as mentioned before I have a meeting with the Crime Commissioner on Saturday, are there any issues that you feel need to be passed onto her. I wonder how many in this town would like to see the police office open again?

7 Sep 2020

Alison Hernandez told me on the phone that she wants to hear any and all complaints of anyone calling the 101 or for that matter the 999 number that is put on hold for long periods of time, any ASBO'S problems etc. So post on here and I will print the page out and discuss the complaints with her on this coming Saturday.  I'm sure most of you know of her but for those that do not her title is. ...