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Hi Guys, as mentioned before I have a meeting with the Crime Commissioner on Saturday, are there any issues that you feel need to be passed onto her. I wonder how many in this town would like to see the police office open again?

7 Sep 2020

Alison Hernandez told me on the phone that she wants to hear any and all complaints of anyone calling the 101 or for that matter the 999 number that is put on hold for long periods of time, any ASBO'S problems etc. So post on here and I will print the page out and discuss the complaints with her on this coming Saturday.  I'm sure most of you know of her but for those that do not her title is. ...

6 Sep 2020

Deedoodle, you are not wrong. I have had the same problem, but after waiting on hold a lot of people hang up, therefore, it does not show on the call logs indicating that there are little or no problems in Dawlish. Would you care to elaborate on what the issue was? as I have a meeting with the Police Crime Commissioner on Saturday as I would like to print out these posts.

I was shocked at what I heard this afternoon walking my dogs. I came across our PCSO for Dawlish, and just having a chat about the state of the country and the world. The PCSO had a call from the Sargent in Totnes about an incident in the town and needed the PCSO to attend. The PCSO explained that the Teignbridge area would have no cover if it meant that attendance in Totnes is required. But ...

Oh come on FredBasset, That's not a very nice response to Carer. I take it you are one of those conspiracy theorists. I have often agreed many times with your post's and you have always made sense to me. But on this point of wearing masks, you are completely wrong. The wearing of a mask is to protect people such as yourself. There are many reports that have also stated that if you are wearing a ...

What a mess.
24 Jun 2020

I wonder how many Dawlish residents have taken a left at the station to have a walk along pigeon alley and the old coastguards building and looked down at the beach at low tide. And what do you see? You see clumps of concrete, Iron bars, rotted groynes and various other debris. I don't know who has responsibility whether its Dawlish council or Network rail, but whoever is responsible for it needs ...

It's not a case of going for a test if you feel you are sick, testing the population is a way of finding out who has the virus and those that may have had it or if anyone is asymptomatic. My wife and I went online to make an appt and we went last Friday, we had a reply by email on Tuesday that we are clear. And can go to work if we want to.  The testing site is at the park and ride in Exeter.

Our country and the world is upside down nothing appears real any more nobody talks to anyone, everyone, for the most part, are keeping their distance. So getting your head around this horror is so hard to imagine, its as if we are all playing a part in a horror movie. We have the American TV channel CNN pretty much on 24/7 with a lot more information. The US has a population of 330 million with ...

10 Apr 2020

Can anyone understand that flights are still coming in from hot spots such as New York, Italy, Spain, France and so on, and of course the channel tunnel still running? I watched the BBC question time last night and the moderator bought up a question sent in by a person about flights still entering the country with no checks except passport control and just walk into the country, this will only ...

Sea Wall Network Rail
12 Mar 2020

I may be wrong so I'm open for correction. Was Network rail supposed to suspend all work on the sea wall and open it to the public?  I'm sure I saw a sign sometime back that stated that. This work is going to take years. Thanks in advance